White Chocolate Chip Cinnamon Cookies

Thin crunchy cinnamon cookies with a soft chewy core. Packed with white chocolate chips. Great to compliment that hot cuppa tea!


Monday, fun day! Or maybe not haha.. Anyway, holidays are coming up and it’s crazy busy at work. I’ve been working so much overtime this month and now work is starting to chip off some time from my weekends too. *le sigh* It’s like everyone’s waiting for the holiday spirit to get their medicines ^^” Luckily, these crazy days will be over as soon as we hit January, maybe February. (I hope) For now, life is Continue reading

How to: DIY steam cabinet


Need well proven bread? But live in a cold country? Today, I’m revealing my the secret to proving dough in 1 hour regardless of the weather. And no, although it might sound like it, I’m not talking about some expensive gadget or an infomercial product. I’m talking about DIY

When I just started baking, I’d always avoid baking bread or anything that involved proving dough actually… Although I loved homemade pigs in a blanket, living in a cold country like The Netherlands (and having a student-appartment with barely any sunshine), proving dough took hours and wasn’t always successful. I guess could’ve opted for cold proving, but there usually wasn’t time to bake the dough in the days after. (Student life and such, you know :P ) And so I’d save the recipes for weekends and Continue reading

Farmer’s Cheese (Quark) Sultana Scones

Fluffy vanilla flavored scones, packed with plump sultana’s. These delicious scones are made using 1% fat quark and are so simple to make, you won’t believe it.

Food nostalgia. Those moment when a memory is connected with a type of food. Does any have this? All foodies do, right? I know I sure do. I come from a family where food is love. My mom was good at cooking and great at baking, while my dad is a true cook at heart. (We often joke he should open a Pho restaurant. No jokes. His pho is tha bomb.com!) Additionally, Continue reading

Cauliflower Soup (vegan)

Silky smooth fragrant cauliflower soup. This soup is mildly sweet from the cauliflower itself. Super easy and just 5 ingredients!

Now, when it comes to winter, soup is my best friend. Okay, I’ll admit there’s also tea, hot cocoa, good hearty meals, blankets….. You know the drill: Anything that keeps you warm and comfy is a good thing during the winter! Anyway, some time ago, during lunchbreak at work, I stumbled on a random food magazine. There was the usual bla-bla-bla on superfood (even too much superfood isn’t good for you, people!), ripped out pages and there were some recipes too. One of the recipes that caught my eye was a recipe on cauliflower soup. I can already hear you thinking: Continue reading

Chinese (Savoury) Egg Custard

Silky smooth chinese savoury egg custard. This steamed egg side dish fits that bowl of rice perfectly. Super easy and out-of-this-world good.

Did you guys know this blog used to be Dutch and was a beauty/lifestyle blog? I know, weird huh. Although my first language is Dutch, I just prefer blogging in English. I feel like it’s easier to express myself in English. Additionally, English enables me to share my recipes with a much larger group. However, some of you have been asking me for Dutch recipes, because you don’t control English that well. As I want everyone to be able to try out my recipes, Continue reading