Almond & Coffee Marbled Tube Cake

Buttery almond tube cake swirled with rich coffee cake. This cake is super moist and so easy to make. Top it of with thin almond flakes and mocha beans, and you’re good to go! Definite crowd pleaser.

As I mentioned last time, I’ll be posting about 1 time a week for a little while. Life’s too hectic and I noticed I had to take a step back in order to keep me from a burnout (again). ^^” Additionally, my friend’s getting married soon and friday’s her Turkish bachelorette party. I’m kinda nervous as I’ve never been to one before. No idea what it’s like. Also, I’m not that good with crows in general, but we all know that already, right? Hehehe… However, although it’s scary, it doesn’t mean I shouldn’t do it. Difficult, scary things are usually the things we can learn a lot from. Therefor, I’m going head first and try to experience it without a lot of thinking :) (wish-me-luck)
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Ultimate Walnut & Raisin Banana Bread

Amazing moist and flavorful banana bread stuffed with chopped walnuts and plump raisins. 

Hello~~~ this is me crawling out of my cave. Kind of anyway hehe.. It’s been a while since my last post. After the Key Lime Cupcakes, I just couldn’t find time to properly write and bake recipes. A busy schedule, personal thingies and the occasional migraines (the joy xD) are my excuses. So please forgive me :P The next few weeks
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Key Lime Cupcakes with Whipped Cream

Super soft and moist key lime cupcakes with mildly sweet whipped cream on top. The lime flavor is very refreshing and fits the thick, fluffy whipped cream perfectly. Great with tea. 

So it seems life is taking me back to one post a week ^^” I was hoping on doing more cooking/baking for the blog, but somehow time just flew by like crazy. As I’m typing this, I’m enjoying the last day of my “weekend” (it’s Monday, but today’s King’s day, which is a holiday in The Netherlands). 
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Strawberry & Cream Cake

Light and fluffy vanilla sponge cake with airy sweet cream and chunks of bright red strawberries. Super simple, but oh-so delicious. Perfect to give a summery-feel to your (tea) party.

Hi guys. How are you all doing? Feels like I haven’t written anything in ages (although my last post was just a week ago). Life’s been busy and hectic. But then again, when is it not? ^^” Last week, I overcame one of my fears by throwing a party for about 10 guests. I’m usually no fun at parties, because I’m constantly worrying if everyone’s having fun. However, last friday was quite fun. Honestly, I wasn’t 100% relaxed but that’s okay. So yay for overcoming fears!
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Chicken & Taro Steamed Rice

Amazingly easy steamed rice with pieces of chicken breast and taro! This dish takes little prepping, is packed with flavor, AND it’s healthy and delicious too.

As I wrote in one of my previous posts, life’s quite hectic at the moment. I’m trying to balance all aspects of life and still feel relaxed (which I find pretty difficult ^^” ) In addition, the cold (finally) got a hold of me (yes, just when Spring’s about to happen), so I’m sniffing and coughing away as I typ (TMI, i know haha.. sorry). Anyway, because time’s limited and I don’t feel very well, today’s post won’t be full of
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