Single Serving Soft Peanut Butter Cookie

Soft peanut butter cookie with real chunks of peanut. Recipe makes exactly 1 cookie.

Hullooo! It’s me. And once again, it’s single serving time! This time, I’m sharing a single serving cookie though. I love making single serving recipes because it let’s me eat delicious food without binging. At first, I wanted to try a chocolate chip cookie but eventually I decided to go for a -more exciting- peanut butter cookie because.. who doesn’t love peanut butter?! This cookie is soft and stuffed with chunks of peanut. The recipe is super easy and you’ll just need 6 simple ingredients. So get a glass of milk ready, pop out your favorite book and enjoy this amazing, delicious cookie. Continue reading “Single Serving Soft Peanut Butter Cookie”

Single Serving Vegan Lava Cake

Delicious rich and gooey chocolate lava cake. Just enough for one. Or maybe for two if you’re trying to eat less 😉 Suitable for vegans.

May I present to you: The result of my endless attempts at making a single serve lava cake recipe. If you follow me on Instagram, you might’ve seen some of my failures pop up. It took me about 7 cakes until I got it right, but I finally have the perfect single serve lava cake for you guys. Rich chocolate flavor with a gooey liquid core. Addictively good. And I even went an extra mile and made it vegan! Continue reading “Single Serving Vegan Lava Cake”