Strawberry & Cream Cake

Light and fluffy vanilla sponge cake with airy sweet cream and chunks of bright red strawberries. Super simple, but oh-so delicious. Perfect to give a summery-feel to your (tea) party.

Hi guys. How are you all doing? Feels like I haven’t written anything in ages (although my last post was just a week ago). Life’s been busy and hectic. But then again, when is it not? ^^” Last week, I overcame one of my fears by throwing a party for about 10 guests. I’m usually no fun at parties, because I’m constantly worrying if everyone’s having fun. However, last friday was quite fun. Honestly, I wasn’t 100% relaxed but that’s okay. So yay for overcoming fears!
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Chicken & Taro Steamed Rice

Amazingly easy steamed rice with pieces of chicken breast and taro! This dish takes little prepping, is packed with flavor, AND it’s healthy and delicious too.

As I wrote in one of my previous posts, life’s quite hectic at the moment. I’m trying to balance all aspects of life and still feel relaxed (which I find pretty difficult ^^” ) In addition, the cold (finally) got a hold of me (yes, just when Spring’s about to happen), so I’m sniffing and coughing away as I typ (TMI, i know haha.. sorry). Anyway, because time’s limited and I don’t feel very well, today’s post won’t be full of
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Too Much To-Do

Hi guys. What’s up? Today, it’s my day off and I’m having one of those days where time seems to disappear into nothingness. Do you know what I mean? This morning, I woke up at 7.00 AM to hit the gym with my friend. After we finished at 11.00 AM, I drove to the supermarket for groceries, which took about 1 hour. At 12.30 PM, I had finally put away all the groceries and got ready to marinate some chicken breasts for next week’s lunches. I also made today’s lunch by the way (always eat well, no matter what ;) ). Anyway, I’m not sure what I did between lunch and now, but somehow I managed to kill 3 hours without knowing it >.>
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Almond Chiffon Cake

Super soft, fluffy almond-flavored chiffon cake. This cake is amazingly light and airy. It’s not too sweet and light on the stomach. Perfect for tea time.

Last weekend was “Thanh Minh“, also known as Chinese Memorial Day or Ancestor’s Day. It’s a day on which Chinese/asian people celebrate and remember their ancestors by praying, sweeping the tombs, and offering food/drinks and other things like “ghost money“. And as some of you might know, my mom past away about 10 years ago. Therefor we went to her grave last Sunday. As my dad had arranged an assortment of food and ghost money, I decided to make her a cake. An  almond chiffon cake ^^
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Spread The Love Tag – Bloggers Edition


A while back, I wrote a post with inspiration to spread the love. As I’m making small changes in my “real life” to create my own ‘ripple‘ (see inspiration post), I was also inspired to start something to “Spread The Love” online. And so today’s post was born: Spread The Love Tag – Bloggers Edition. Now, this tag is a little bit different from regular tags: Instead of answering questions about yourself, this tag is about putting three other people (bloggers) in the spotlight! The questions are really simple, but I guarantee it will bring joy :) Really, this tag is a small gesture to bring a little bit of happiness to other people’s day. I hope you guys like it ^^
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