Basic Fried Rice

Basic fried rice recipe. Better than take-out and completely adjustable to your taste! Quick and easy dinner option.


Totally suffering from cystitis as I’m writing this. (Sorry if that’s TMI ^^” ) Have you ever had it? I hate the feeling I need to use the bathroom all.the.time. And I know the doctor can prescribe antibiotics, but I just really dislike using medicine (yeah, I know, I’m a pharmacist.. xD). At the moment trying to drink lots and lots of tea. Seriously, lots. So let’s hope it’ll be gone by tomorrow :D Anyway, ‘nough about me-me-me. Today, we’re going to shine some light on a very popular (but easy) Asian dish: fried rice (a.k.a. nasi). It’s my favorite quick dinner. Yep, that’s right: quick. Once you’ve got your ingredients, it barely takes 10 minutes to make. 10 minutes! And it’s better than take-out too! Are you ready?!

Little side note: Don’t mind the
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3 x Inspiration to Spread the Love

A while ago, I shared a few commercials to inspire parent appreciation. It seems the insurance companies are very good at making commercials that inspire in life instead of in buying their product, which isn’t a bad thing of course. Today, I’ll be sharing another set of commercials. This time, it’s to awaken the goodness of your hearts. Once again, get that box of tissues ready and let’s go…!
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Curry Chicken Lunch Rolls

Easy fragrant and creamy curry chicken bread rolls for lunch! Mixed with crunchy bits of cornichons and topped with heaps of fried onions.


On my days off from work, my bf is usually away from 9-5. It’s the perfect opportunity for me to enjoy some me-time and spoil myself a bit. Lunch-wise anyway, because I love having homemade lunch. Spending some extra time on a special sandwich for lunch is a real treat. So whenever I have the time, I dream about a new lunch-idea and execute it on my day off. Life doesn’t get more perfect ;) Today, I’ll be sharing one of my latest homemade lunch.
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How To: Homemade Whipped Cream

Whipping cream (=the fluid) is a standard item in our fridge. It’s always good to have a carton or two on hand to make whipped cream (=delicious goodness). I never get the store-bought stuff, because homemade whipped cream is so easy to make AND it’s at least 100x tastier! My bf loves whipped cream. I’m not kidding: He can eat it straight from the bowl… (He’s always lurking around when I need whipped cream for a recipe xD ) However, for some of you, homemade whipped cream might be an obstacle, because there are quite some horror-stories about failures out there. No worries though, today I’m going to give you a couple of tips so you’ll never go for store-bought again!
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