How To: Pan Fry Pot Stickers


As I got a few questions on how to make dumplings with a golden brown bottom (aka pot stickers), I made a short photo-tutorial on pan frying pot stickers last week. I love love love pot stickers. I like steamed dumplings too, but there’s just something about that delicious crispy bottom that’s got me addicted… Oh my gosh, really… Dunk it in some super acidic red vinegar and I’m a happy girl. #foodgasm! ;) Anyway, although this technique seems quite difficult, it’s actually really easy. The most important part is:
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Working on tomorrow [personal update]

Today (as I’m writing this post) is Sunday. Sunday’s are my (half) days off. It’s the day of the week where I get to go to the gym, read a (new) book, watch a girly-girl movie, take a walk in the park or do simply nothing at all. I feel like bloggers and everyone else for that matter, should have at least half a day off in the week. A little time for yourself to do something that makes you happy AND keeps you inspired too. Today, for me, one of those things is watching brace-face. [Don’t judge xD] I know, 90’s kid, right? But in the 2000’s I was (and am) still part kid, okay?! :D Anyway, as I finished another episode, I had a sudden motivation to write a personal update. So here I am. :)

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Chinese Stuffed Tofu (酿豆腐)

Flavorful firm tofu stuffed with meat, covered in thick oyster sauce. Serve with hot steamed rice.

When I was little I was a very picky eater. This (amazingly easy) savoury egg custard was one of the few dishes I loved. It took me quite a few years to really appreciate my dad’s amazing cooking skills! Nowadays, there’s not enough time in a year to (eat and) learn how to make all my dad’s food. But we’ve gotta start somewhere and today’s one of the dishes my dad taught me: Yong Tau Fu, chinese stuffed tofu. It’s easy and super delicious. Trust me, once you’ve tried this, you’ll be addicted. 
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