{DUTCH} Video: Takoyaki Popin Cookin (With One Hand!)

Hello my lovelies. A couple of weeks ago, I celebrated my birthday with my friends and family. One of L’s gifts was this cute Popin Cookin for Takoyaki (Japanese ball-shaped snacks with octopus). I thought it’d be fun to make this with you guys. Unfortunately, along with my birthday I cut my thumb on a food processor… (yup, ouch) The wound is now infected (great -__-) and looks kinda disgusting… (that says a lot coming from me..) So as I don’t want to cause any traumas, I decided to make this Popin Cookin with one hand hehe… Enjoy!

5 Tips To Becoming Successful

July 25, 20165-tips-to-succes01_01

Everyone wants to be successful at something. Whether it’s personal or business-related, we all have a goal. Some of us already are successful and others are still trying to chase a dream. For those of you who are still trying to become successful, here are 5 tips to keep you going and to help youRead more

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Video: Quick Sweet and Sour Fish

July 13, 2016thumb02

Easiest recipe for sweet and sour fish you’ll ever find. Serve with white rice or noodles.  Today’s recipe is one of my bf’s favorites: Sweet and Sour Fish. Actually, he likes just about anything sweet and sour. Sweet and sour chicken, sweet and sour fish, plain sweet and sour sauce.. I’m not even kidding. He’llRead more

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Mindful Monday #07

July 11, 2016mm_007

How often are you annoyed or frustrated by situations? Annoyed or frustrated because you feel like someone in your life should change or do something (for you). What if I’d tell you that blaming the other person is not the solution. What if I’d tell you the solution is you. Yes, you. Let me explain. UsuallyRead more

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