15 Things I Miss About Mom

1. I miss her warm pancakes.
When I was little she would often make a plate of Dutch pancakes (like crêpes) and put the plate on top of the radiator to keep the pancakes warm until I got home.

2. I miss her love for flowers and plants.
Although I’m not much of a flower lover, I miss her love and enthusiasm for flowers. She cared for her flowers and plants like they were her children.

3. I miss her after-dinner apples.
My mom would always cut up some fruit after dinner. They were often apples but I loved the occasional orange too.

4. I miss her passion for Mahjong.
Okay, maybe passion is a bit of an overstatement but my mom did love Mahjong. The digital Mahjong. She would always go for a highscore.

5. I miss her never-ending patience with my difficult eating habits.
This includes my dad too. I used be a such a fussy eater. Seriously, I was hell.

6. I miss pizza-time on Saturdays.
When we were little, every now and then we would go to Groningen to visit the fish market. Afterwards, we’d get a giant pizza and share it at home. I would always take off the bits of green paprika lol (see number 5)

7. I miss tea-time together.
My sister had this cute toy tea-set for kids. Sometimes (usually on a Sunday) my mom would bake something delicious and we got to actually eat real cake and drink real tea with the tea set.

8. I miss her nagging me about cleaning up.

9. I miss her compliments.
Anyone loves compliments, but mom’s compliments are extra special.

10. I miss her voice.
I can’t even remember her voice anymore to be honest but I miss her talking to me.

11. I miss her presence at the highlights of my education.
She was a mom that would make sure to always be present.

12. I miss her ordering the same Dutch birthday cake every year at HEMA.
The decorations varied each time but the actual cake was basically the same. They still sell that cake at HEMA but it’s just not the same.

13. I miss her craving for coconut ice-cream.
Back then, vanilla ice cream was as special as it could get in The Netherlands. Ben&Jerry’s was unheard of. So coconut ice-cream was something you couldn’t find anywhere. Now, there are so many different brands at asian grocery stores. I wish I could treat her to a coconut ice-cream.

14. I miss her mise-en-place.
Sometimes she would need a whole day to prep for certain (delicious!) dishes. We would sit right next to her to eat all the scraps.

15. I miss her trying to teach us how to write in Vietnamese.
To this day I still can’t remember all the different vowels (with different intonations). She would always sum up all the vowels in a singing-like tone and tell us “It’s so easy” lol. I still don’t think it’s easy. 😅

And I could go on and on about things she did for us. You might think this is a sad post but that’s not my intention. I’m happy to have had such a caring mom. I’m happy to have something to miss. She was always present and always put her family first. I couldn’t have wished for more 🙂 Do you still have your mom? Is she the best thing ever? Remember to give her a long, warm hug today.👩

🎈 Happy Mother’s Day 🎈

2 thoughts on “15 Things I Miss About Mom

  1. Jeetje My Linh, met dit artikel heb je me toch echt wel geraakt. Ik las je artikel op moederdag, maar wist gewoon even niet wat te zeggen. Kreeg toch echt wel een brok in mijn keel. Heel mooi en super lief geschreven en wat een fijne en bijzondere herinneringen aan jouw moeder. Bedankt voor het delen.

    1. Wat een lieve reactie, Deb. Dank je wel ♥ Ik heb inderdaad hele mooie herinneringen aan mijn moeder en daar ben ik enorm dankbaar voor. Niet iedereen heeft geluk(gehad) met zo’n moeder, maar ik vind het belangrijk dat we bewust worden hoe dankbaar we daar voor mogen zijn.

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