3 x Inspiration to Parent Appreciation

Okay, so I’m giving you guys a head’s up: Today’s post is emotional! I’m sharing some thai/asian insurance commercials. I’m not sure about you guys, but these commercials make me want to hug my dad instead of buying insurance! You might wonder what’s so emotional about commercials, but you’ll have to see for yourself. (Get your tissue box ready. I’m not kidding…) In the spirit of counting your blessings: please, watch these videos. Not to see how much some people struggle, but to see how lucky you are and actually appreciate it 🙂













Although these commercials are mostly about dads, the message totally counts for moms too. It’s easy to be blind to struggle our parents go through for us. I guess that’s why these commercials are so heartbreaking; our parents would go to the end of the world to make us happy (and healthy). And even though not all parents go through the same amount of struggle, most of them put their kid’s needs before their own. Therefor, take a minute (or more) to show some love to your parents this week and tell them (in actions if you’re not good with words) how much you appreciate what they do for you. I know there are times I argue with my dad and sometimes I’m even rude, but I try my best to swallow my pride sometimes, because he’s done (and doing) more for me than I can ever do to pay him back. I’m sure your parents do so too.


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