4 tips to fight blog depression


Gosh, I haven’t written a post for tomorrow yet!” Surely, a familiar thought for most (upcoming) bloggers. “I might lose followers if I skip a post.” Both thoughts caused by stress and the pressure to be(come) a top-blogger. Believe me, I’ve been there, done that. As I mentioned before, currently, my blog is just the way I like it. I enjoy it everyday and you should too! So without further ado, I present to you “4 tips on fighting blog depression“: 

1. Have one blog-free day a week

When you’re 24/7 busy with blogging, it can turn into a tedious job instead of a fun hobby. Taking a step back and focusing on your (other) surroundings often helps you to relax and can even inspire you for new (better) posts. Mine’s usually saturday, on which I get my workout, watch a movie and do all other non-blog stuff I love.

2. Check your stats weekly or monthly (instead of daily)

As your blog is growing, it can be tempting to check your stats regularly. Although there’s nothing wrong with checking your stats (you want to know where you stand, right?), stop checking it daily (or in worse cases: hourly). It makes you obsessed over numbers and takes all the fun out of blogging. Especially when the numbers are less than you expected.

3. Adjust your post-frequency to your life 

Now, I know a lot of major blogs post at least once a day. And you might think that’s what you have to do to become big. However, if blogging is not your daytime job and you’ve got a “real” job on the side, it might be surreal to make yourself post daily. Sure, if you’re able to post daily, go right ahead. But if you have to bend over backwards to make it happen, you might want to change the frequency. And once your blog is getting more popular, you can alway reconsider on the post frequency. Make blogging fit your life, don’t fit your life around blogging.

4. Accept that there will always be someone who’s better

It’s easy to be intimidated by all big successful bloggers out there. You look up to them and want to be just a good (if not: better). I understand your feelings. I mean, every.single.time I visit Sallys Baking Addiction, I’ll be like: Gorgeous photo’s… *DROOL* *STARSTRUCK* However, remember their blogs all have been where yours is at too: small and growing. So stop comparing, do your own thing and you will get there too.

What I’m trying to say is, it’s easy to get caught up in your ambition to become a famous blogger. However, don’t forget there’s more to life than blogging. What’s important is that you love what you do in life. So stop worrying so much about your posts. Whether it’s the post frequency, the content or the (quality of your) photos. Remind yourself of your purpose: fun. Unless blogging is your day-time job, there will be times that other things are more important (priorities) and there will be times you will have to skip a day.  Maybe that photo isn’t as perfect as *insert major blog name* or the post isn’t as well written as *insert major blog name*, but that’s okay.  You will get there. With joy.

Stay motivated, girls! (Any boys?)


My Linh

8 thoughts on “4 tips to fight blog depression

  1. You say it girl! Okay that was cheezy but you’re 100 percent right. Never check daily, just like your weight when dieting – it can get depressing. And the major blogs all started years back when blogging was still new, so I think they had a headstart. Times have changed.

    1. Totally agree. Definitely depressing to check weight daily! Especially because it can fluctuate so much on a day. Also, if we keep going, one day we’ll become major blogs too ^___^

  2. Just the post I needed – I’ll found myself thinking ‘crap, I haven’t planned anything for next week yet’ so often, and I know now that that’s perfectly okay. Thanks for the great advice! ^-^

    1. Awww glad I could give you some encouraging words 🙂 Don’t worry about it. You’ve got an offline life too, right? Besides, offline is so much more important than online. Whoever likes your blog, will keep following you. <3

  3. I couldn’t reply again on your comment on my 2015’s plans-blogpost :p so this will do!
    Of course I’ve read Harry Potter (I almost wrote Happy Potter haha) it’s so good! My favorite book (and movie) of the series is the Chamber of Secrets, what about you? ^_^ It’s been such a long time since I’ve read them, I kind of want to reread the entire series now 😀 I’m currently reading The Scorch Trials (#2 in the Maze Runners series) and it’s amazing. I had a huge Hunger Games obsession a few years back with the movie and the books and all, and I feel like that obsessiveness is coming back with the Maze Runner hehe. It’s just so asdfghjkl! <3

    1. Haha yes, this will do too 🙂 Ohh I’m such a HP lover too 😀 😀 My favorite book is The Halfblood Prince and my favorite movie is The Philosopher’s Stone. I re-read HP about each winter hehe.. Just finished #1 and halfway through Chamber of Secrets now. I’m a Hunger Games lover too 😀 Loved it! I re-read those books just before I started this year’s HP-re-read :’) It never gets old. Even though I’ve already read them so many times, they still don’t bore me <3 I have heard about the Maze Runners, but haven't checked them at the book stores yet. When I finish my HP series for this year, I think I'll get the Maze Runners as you seem to love it so much; I feel like we like the same books 😛 Very curious if it's as good as HP and HG ^_____^

      1. Ugh, I just wrote a huge reply when my internet decides to stop working -_-
        The Philosopher’s Stone, the memories ^^ The Hunger Games is still one of my favorite franchises, as you said, it never gets old 😀 You should definitely give the Maze Runner a try! I’ve read so many books in the young adult, dystopian science fiction genre, and occasionally the similar storylines bore me a little (corrupt government, a heroine that’s “special”, cool guy she falls in love with lol) but the Maze Runner seems… different. Maybe because the main character is a guy? Hehe. Glad we like the same books 😀

        1. Hate it when that happens! Coincidentally, I had the same kind of thing the other day when I wrote a comment to you.. I accidentally pressed “back” and lots my whole comment ^^” You made me very curious for the Maze Runner. Definitely going to read it. I will let you know if I like it 😀

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