5 Inspirational Fitgirls (It’s not what you think) | MINDFUL MONDAY

When it comes to physical activity, I can mostly be found at the gym. I’m not much of a runner and when it comes to cycling.. well, let’s just say my bike has had a flat tire for about two years now and I haven’t felt any motivation to get it fixed. Really, none. Anyway, there are a lot of girls at the gym nowadays. A lot of them do weight lifting. The majority of the weight lifting group is still male, but to shine some light onto the ladies I thought it would be nice to share five inspirational fitgirls at my gym. These are not girls that inspire me to become more bulky, get a bigger ass or drink gallons of protein shakes. No, these are girls that inspire me in life. They might not know it, by I feel inspired by the small things they do.

1. The girl that always smiles before, during and after her work-out

…inspires me to smile more.

2. The 1m55cm girl that asks for help with hight gym equipment without shame

…inspires me to accept who I am and ask for help when I need it.

3. The girl that goes to- and leaves the gym happily with her bf but trains by herself

…inspires me to always have my own thing regardless of anyone else.

4. The girl who attempted fast rope jumps for 30 min straight (while people kept staring at her)

…inspires me to care less about what others think and to keep going even when it seems like I keep failing. You go girl!

5. The girl in the wheelchair

…inspires me to remember anything is possible if I’m willing to think out of the box.

Who inspires you the most? And why? Let me know in the comments down below!

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