5 Random Activities in Seoul (1)


So recently I shared our toy story with you guys, The toy story was a random activity that a regular tourist probably wouldn’t do. However, we loved visiting the toy stores and had planned more random non-tourist activities. (You know, yolo and all that stuff lmao..) I thought it would be fun to share 5 of the random activities we tried with you guys. And just like most of the Seoul posts, we will be needing a part 2 XD For now, let’s get started with part 1!

1. Having lunch/dinner in a convenience store

Although eating in a convenience store is quite common in most asian countries, in Europe we are unfamiliar with this “concept”. And so me and my boyfriend were determined to try this at least once. Just for the fun of it. And we actually really enjoyed this experience. From prepping the instant noodles in the store from a big “hot water”-tank to eating the noodles at a small table and finally throwing away the remnants of the soup in a trashcan with a sieve. A couple of days later we also went to grab a midnight snack at a convenience store (microwaved sausages). I still think back to “eating in a convenience store” with a big smile. It’s something we would never be able to do over here. By the way, doesn’t the first picture kinda look like a theft-photo? ^^”

2. Exercising for free in public

In Korea, you’ll find loads of public “mini gyms”. It’s completely free and anyone can use the equipment. With all that food we were eating, it didn’t hurt for us to try this out. My boyfriend really loved this activity and was running around like a little kid trying out every single thing. I feel like we should have this in The Netherlands too; it could help so many people on a tight budget to get some exercise.

3. Trying “strange” snacks from the supermarket

Whenever I go to foreign countries, I just love to stop by some supermarkets to check out what kind of snacks they sell. Usually, you’ll find some cute, funny or even weird stuff. Just like we found these “fried chicken”-flavored chips. It was so strange eating these, The flavor was exactly like fried chicken, but texture-wise it was definitely chips. The chips was even packed like the way you get it when you buy fried chicken in Seoul (in a box that opens at the top). I must admit, these chips were probably packed with all kinds of weird artificial flavorings, but oh wel… who cares when you’re on vacation, right? 😉

4. Trying unique ice cream variations from the convenience store

This one is kind of like nr. 3, but instead it’s the ice cream version. Yes, another food activity. (Are you starting to see a pattern? ^^” )There were so many ice cream versions we had never seen before. I was surprised by the watermelon popsicle, which actually tasted like watermelon! They even made it look like watermelon by adding “seeds” (chocolate chips)! Additionally, we tried a “red bean fish waffle”-ice cream too. The outside of the fish ice cream was kind of dry, but the filling was sooo good 😉 Finally, we had the “traditional” Korean ice cream stick wrapped in a thick plastic tube too, but we failed taking pictures. *shame on me*

5. Having lunch/dinner for €3 per person

Finally, we went for a cheap dinner from (once again) a convenience store. Don’t expect it to be 5-star restaurant food, but the convenience store sure does have a lot of choices! We especially loved the Kimbaps (Korean Sushi). Additionally, my boyfriend went for a super duper spicy cup noodle (he was sweating, crying, nose dripping… the whole lot,…. xD #tmi) Everything on the picture above totaled about € 6,-! That’s the price we usually pay for lunch over here!

And this was the first part of 5 random activities we did in Seoul. This list is definitely not your average go-to touristy thing, but we had fun doing each activity. Although all of these things are cheap activities, it’s the experience that gives us a happy heart. I hope you guys will get the chance to experience it too! And while you’re at it, try out this, this, this and this too ^_~

With love, always,

My Linh

8 thoughts on “5 Random Activities in Seoul (1)

  1. Exercising in public looks fun ^^ In my school town we also have these “fitness attributes” in the park, but not as pretty as in Korea.

  2. We should totally have free fitness areas! Question, do most of the Korean population look fit? And yep it does, checking out where the cameras are at and sneaking some more cool snacks in your bag kinda photo 😉

    1. Definitely! The people in Korea are quite skinny, especially the women. The men are a bit chubbier. However, they aren’t muscular-fit. Just skinny 🙂 Also, we feel exactly the same about the picture haha… ^^”

  3. Na het lezen van je leuke artikel, begon ik echt aan te denken wat voor bijzondere en leuke activiteiten je hier in NL kan doen..? niks? T^T Het zou me heerlijk lijken om random ergens een noodlecup te gaan eten, ,veel yummy low budget food halen en ergens voor gratis goede sport apparaturen te gaan gebruiken. ^^ In japan heb je trouwens ook veel collectieve sport stuff

    1. Awww dank je wel voor het complimentje, meid ^^ Toen mijn vriend en ik terug waren in Korea konden wij ook niet goed bedenken wat voor leuke dingen je hier kunt doen… Het leukste wat we konden bedenken was Madurodam, maar dat heb ik ook al 3 keer gezien ofzo…. en het verandert niet veel 😛 Daarom hebben we afgelopen week maar gewoon even een tripje Duitsland gedaan xD Japan zou ik ook heel graag naar toe willen; lijkt mij zo mooi! Ben jij er al (vaak) naar toe geweest? Misschien kan ik over een paar jaartjes.. nog even doorsparen want het geld is nu wel een beetje op 😉

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