5 Random Activities in Seoul (2)

Hi guys! What’s up? Did you guys have another productive and motivated week? If not, no stress: Weekend is knocking on your door again~~ 😉 Time to let stress out and fun in! We’ll be fixing the floor this weekend, but I’ll make sure we have some fun and food in between too ^^ Speaking of which, did you try these out yet? They’re the perfect weekend cheat-treat 😉 As for today, I’m back with the second part of “5 random activities in Seoul“.

1. Rent a Swan Boat at Han River

If you’ve watched the Korean drama “내게 거짓말을 해봐” (lie to me) you’ll definitely know what I’m talking about. These cute little swan boats are for rent to cycle around on a small part of the Han River. Don’t worry if you’re not really a fan of cycling: there are bicycle-boats ánd motor-driven boats. We went for the bicycle boats. Just to make the Gong-ah-jung and Hyun-ki-joon imitation complete and to get some exercise too 😉 A little heads up: personnel of the swan rental speak little to no English. However, you’ll manage just fine with a couple of basic words and hand gestures ^^

2. Eat chips with a dip included

As we went for a snack during one of our long walks, we noticed these bags of chips with dip inside! It’s not really special, but we thought it was fun to try it out. Again, we went for new experiences rather than a tourist-only-trip. We were a bit disappointed that the dip wasn’t spicy, but we still enjoyed this little treat; it was cool to have a dip inside the bag. There were more kinds of chips-n-dips in the supermarket, but we never got to trying other flavors because we tried so many other kinds of food hehe… ^^”

3. Join in on the couples-hype

When you get to Korea, you’ll see so many couples wearing similar clothes and/or similar accessories. In the Netherlands, it’s not likely to ever see this trend happening. The people here are very down-to-earth and this trend would be way too cheesy. Me and my boyfriend agreed we would feel very uncomfortable being all matchy-matchy in public. However, we still wanted to join in on the Korean culture and get the experience. Therefor, we ended up buying a pair of couple rings (which I love!) and we got a pair of matching “couch-clothes” (sweat shirt and jogging pants) too. Just so when we wear the couch-clothes on a lazy friday night, we’ll remember the great time we had together in Seoul!

4. Buy cute stationary and gift wrapping

This is one of my favorite activities. Korea has some of the cutest stationary and gift wrapping items! The gift wrapping items also included all kinds of wrappings for baked goods. I think I strolled around these aisles for ages. Yeah, I’m weird like that… I’m not sure about your country, but cute food wrappings are quite difficult to get over here. In Seoul, you can simply get these kind of things at e-mart (yup, the store where I got these food kits) :O So as I drooled over all the different kinds of stationary and wrapping, I managed to drop quite some items in my basket too. It’s safe to say: I went all out.

5. Watch a movie in Daehan cinema

Finally, this last activity was my boyfriend’s idea. As our accommodation was close to a cinema, we decided to get a foreign-cinema experience. Because watching a Korean movie didn’t seem like a good idea (there was no way to understand the movie XD), we ended up watching Guardians of the Galaxy at Daehan cinema; a 7-floor cinema building with all kinds of yummy snacks. Yes, including popcorn 😉 Besides, there’s a Starbucks and lounge included in the building too! I believe I heard it’s Seoul’s biggest cinema. Must try 😉

This was the second part to 5 random activities we did in Seoul. Although the activities might not seem exciting to everyone, we enjoyed every second and felt like we had a complete Seoul-experience. Ofcourse, everyone has different kinds of vacations. However, months later, we still think back of our Seoul trip with a big smile. What a wonderful vacation


My Linh

Do you go for random activities when you’re on vacation or are you the typical tourist?

2 thoughts on “5 Random Activities in Seoul (2)

  1. Did the hand gestures and basic words include making swan noises 😛 It looks so super romantic from the boat ride to matchy matchy outfits and rings. Next, going to watch that Korean movie!

    1. Haha thank goodness we didnt have to go that far! Would’ve been something, wouldn’t it? Swan noises :’) we loved it very much! The couples thing is something you can only pull off in Asia 😛 hope you like the drama! It’s not the best drama out there, but I’m a sucker for romance haha

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