5 Tips To Increase Fruit Intake

Healthy eating is a lifestyle in my opinion. You need to make a permanent change. It’s not a diet. Have you tried eating more fruit for “one week” before and fallen into old bad habits right after that week’s over? That because a week is not enough time to learn a new habit. I used to eat very little fruit too. However, nowadays I can’t imagine going a day without. It’s recommended to eat at least two servings of fruit a day. Fruits contain fibers, vitamins and minerals that contribute to your health. Therefor, I’m sharing a couple of my tips on increasing your fruit intake.

1. Cut your food ahead

If you’re a lazy bum like me, you’ll be more likely to eat fruit that’s already cut into pieces. When I’m hungry, I get too lazy to cut or peel anything. Making my portions of fruit ahead is the perfect solution. I store it in a tupperware box and take it with me to work the next day. Did you know you can even cut apples ahead?! Check this wikihow for instructions (the rubberband method).

2. Put it in plain sight

It’s just like that box of chocolates on your table: you see it, you (remember to) eat it.

3. Buy more (delicious) fruit and less unhealthy snacks

It might sound simple but you’re more likely to eat what you have most in your pantry. If it’s snacks, chances are, you’ll grab a quick (unhealthy) snack whenever you’re hungry. If you don’t have any snacks at home when you’re hungry you have no choice but to eat a piece of fruit. Also, make sure to buy the fruits you like the most. Healthy eating has to be delicious too (in my opinion). My personal favorites? Blackberries, cherries and watermelon.

4. Eat a piece of fruit before you get to eat a snack

Set this rule and stick to it. For each snack you are thinking of eating, eat a piece of fruit first. Sometimes you’ll find you won’t need that snack anymore. But I’ll be honest: Sometimes you’ll still want that snack, but at least you’ve had your piece of fruit for the day!

5. Incorporate fruit in a main dish

For example: yoghurt and fruit for breakfast, a salad with strawberries for lunch. There are so many ideas on the internet. You can also try my vegan lunch wraps with strawberries. Insanely good.

How much fruit do you usually eat a day?

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