Single Serving Vanilla Cupcake

Easy vanilla cupcake frosted with sweet strawberry cream cheese frosting. Recipe for one.

And we’re halfway January! How are your new year’s resolutions going? Did you survive Blue Monday? (I didn’t feel like blue monday was any different than other Mondays tbh.) As you might already know, I don’t really do New Year’s resolutions. But as always, I want to focus more on the positive, less on the negative and move forward. It’s a daily resolution though. Not a NY resolution. Anyway, even though we’re just halfway the first month, I already hit a new mile stone as a blogger: I was interviewd by Deb from Beautygoddess! Just a few days after we hit January 1st, she emailed me if I was interested in an interview. Ofcourse I said yes! She also asked me to send a few snapshots so I decided to make a Beautygoddess cupcake (scroll down for the photo!). And to kill two birds with one stone, I decided make the Beautygoddess cupcake from a single serve recipe. Last week I shared single serving apple crumble. This week, it’s CUPCAKE time! Cupcake WITH frosting.

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Single Serving Apple Crumble

Single serving apple crumble. Plenty of buttery crumbs, chunks of sweet apple and a big dollop of vanilla ice cream (optional). No waste and no over eating.

FINALLY finished my test guys! So I’m back in business. For the past few weeks I’ve been studying my ass off. The test was last Tuesday so the outcome is out of my hands now. Time to relax. Time to bake. And because it’s the month of new year’s resolutions, I decided it’s time to share my recipe for single serving apple crumble with you guys. Yup, apple crumble for ONE. No wasting food, no over-eating. And if you feel like being extra healthy, find someone to share this single serving with and you’ve got dessert for two. My boyfriend and I did anyway. And as for vegans: swap butter for vegan butter, find your favorite pint of vegan ice cream and enjoy a delicious vegan dessert for one. Who needs friends when you can have dessert for one right? (Juuusst kidding. Love my friends ♥) 

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