Creamy Coconut Pandan Kaya

Silky soft and creamy kaya -chinese egg custard- flavored with coconut and a hint of pandan. Spread on warm toast or wrap in pao.

I remember the flavor of my mom’s paus (bapao) like I had them yesterday (if only..). Her dough was super soft, the fillings were to.die.for., and the paus were wrapped with so much care and looked beautiful too. Whenever my mom started steaming the first batch of pau’s, me and my two sisters would be in line before the paus had even hit the pan. I wish I was into food-photography back then; I would’ve captured all the delicious dishes she made so I could cherish them forever ^^ My mom was amazing. ♥ Continue reading

New In: Nike Trainingshoes

Hi guys! Are you enjoying the summer? Or has school already started? Since I graduated, I have no clue when the official vacations start and end hehe… What have you guys been up to? I’ve been working all summer. Also, I’ve been trying to keep up with my “4 times a week gym-schedule”: 1 x Continue reading

Simple Tuna Salad Sandwich

Super simple moist tuna salad with pickles and red onion. This salad can easily be adjusted to your taste. Spread out on a sandwich and you got yourself a delicious lunch!

One of my goals in life is to eat homemade as much as possible. Now, I’m not much of a fan “TV-dinners”, because they’re usually really salty and not that flavorful. But when I have a busy schedule, it’s really easy to be tempted by microwave or frozen food (lunch and dinner). So whenever I’m not at work, I try to eat a homemade lunch in addition to homemade dinner. Last week I Continue reading

New In: Books!

Anyone who knows me, knows I love books. No one in my family does, but I go crazy over books. Currently, I’m hooked on the Divergent trilogy. It’s quite different from the Maze runner series, a bit more girly romantic, but still awesome with quite some action ^^

Anyway, recently, an online store, had a sale. Needless to say, I couldn’t resist to buy something.. ^^” I know I own too many books but I love it 😉 Yes, I buy all my books. The library is cheaper but I read quite some English books, which they don’t always have at libraries, and I wish to have a room with a big big (wall-size) bookshelf someday. That’s my dream hehe…  #nerdalert Continue reading

Vanilla Butterring Cookies

Delicious Danish-style butter cookies. These cookies are slightly crunchy and oh so buttery. Fits any cookie-diet ^_~

A few weeks ago I was dreaming about Danish Buttercookies. I used to have an aunt in Sweden who would visit us once in a few years. And whenever she dropped by, she’d bring us a beautiful blue tin of “Danish Buttercookies”. At that time, our supermarkets didn’t have as much variety as they have nowadays. Therefor, the Danish Buttercookies were a real special treat. We loved those cookies. If our mom Continue reading

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