Vanilla Butterring Cookies

Delicious Danish-style butter cookies. These cookies are slightly crunchy and oh so buttery. Fits any cookie-diet ^_~

A few weeks ago I was dreaming about Danish Buttercookies. I used to have an aunt in Sweden who would visit us once in a few years. And whenever she dropped by, she’d bring us a beautiful blue tin of “Danish Buttercookies”. At that time, our supermarkets didn’t have as much variety as they have nowadays. Therefor, the Danish Buttercookies were a real special treat. We loved those cookies. If our mom Continue reading

Cutest Vanilla Piggy Cake Pops

Delicious plain vanilla cake turned into the most adorable piggy cake pops. Marshmallows are the main ingredient in this recipe for decoration. Super easy and so delicious! These cake pops have the perfect size for parties. Easy and no-mess eating.

I find so much relaxation doing creative stuff. I’m not very good at it, but I love it. As my job often takes quite some brainwork/thinking, it feels so nice to do something with the feels. Nothing can go wrong as it’s all about personal taste. Seriously, time flies by whenever I start some creative project. Just like a few weeks ago, when I Continue reading

Life in Photos #4

Gosh, turning this blog into a bilingual blog is so much more work than I expected! I have a hard time translating English to Dutch (even though Dutch is my native language… ^^”) Therefor, everything’s taking a bit more time than I expected, but I hope you guys have little more patience.. :) In the mean time, I’ll try to update a bit more too. Past few weeks have been hectic. I went to my first wedding (excluding the one I was present at when I was about 4), baked, turned ¼-centuries old, got lovely presents and ate away hehe… Today’s Life in Photos #4! Continue reading

Red Velvet & Oreo Cheesecake Cupcakes

Soft, rich red velvet cupcakes topped with a thick layer of creamy vanilla cheesecake AND Oreo(!) cookies on the bottom. These cupcakes will take your cupcake-experience to a whole other level. The size of these cakes makes them perfect for high tea.

Cupcakes, oreos, red velvet cake AND cheesecake are foods you’ll definitely find in my top 10 of yummy addicting sweet food. Cupcakes are basically just mini cakes, but anything mini is awesome. Therefor: top 10. As for the oreos, need I explain? One of the best processed cookies 😛 Red velvet cake is a great mix of vanilla and chocolate. When you combine it with a soft textured cake recipe: winner. Finally, the cheesecake. OMG, I’m a sucker for cheesecake. How about you? Creamy, sweet, tangy.. Did I mention creamy? ♥_♥ Drooling as I type. SO GOOD. And today, I’m sharing a recipe with all 4 in one! All four?! Yup, it’s possible. Don’t pass out. These Red Velvet and Oreo Cheesecake Cupcakes are freakin’ delicious! Continue reading

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