American Candy Haul/Review

Everything in this post was paid with my own money. I do not get commission off this post.

A while back, my “brother in law” (they’re not married) promised me to try Bean Boozled with me. You know, those horrible flavored jelly beans mixed with good yummy jelly beans? As Bean Boozled isn’t freely available in The Netherlands (yet), I had to order them online. Now, there are quite some Dutch webshops selling American Candy, but I decided to go for because… for no reason actually. Just because xD And as I love to try new flavors and foods, I added a couple of other items to the shopping basket too. (CandyOnline sells Japanese candy kits too btw.) Curious what I got and what they taste like?

Name: Mint Dark Chocolate M&M’s

Price: € 5,98

Taste Test: Mint and dark chocolate is a food match made in heaven. These taste really good and aren’t too sweet because of the dark chocolate. Better than regular m&m’s in my opinion. Slightly bitter with a fresh hint of mint

Rating: 3/5

Name: Cappuccino Twix

Price: € 1,49

Taste Test: It tasted more like regular coffee than cappuccino, which should be more creamy in my opinion. Also, the coffee flavor isn’t as strong as I’d like. A bit disappointing, but still good. The cappuccino twix is less sweet than regular Twix due to the coffee.

Rating: 2/5

Name: Almond Snickers

Price: € 1,49

Taste Test: There’s one piece of almond in every bite, while I feel like regular Snickers have so much more peanuts inside. Also, the almonds weren’t skinned, which didn’t taste good with the smooth caramel and cream texture. I expected more from this candybar. Very disappointing. Would prefer the regular Snickers.

Rating: 1/5

Name: Dark Chocolate M&M’s

Price: € 1,49

Taste Test: Not much to say about these. They taste like less sweet Smarties. I would’ve liked it more if it was more dark-chocolatey. Nothing mind-blowing about these. Simply nice chocolate candies. 

Rating: 3/5

Name: Bean Boozled Jelly Beans

Price: € 3,49

Taste Test: Do these taste like the flavors they claim to be? Yes. Are the flavors good? No!!! X___X Really fun to ‘play’  with friends, but definitely not yummy to eat haha…

Rating: 5/5 for fun and tasting like it claims to taste. 1/5 for flavors. Some actually made me want to throw up. Toothpaste wasn´t that bad (just very minty), but rotten egg is seriously the worst! Ever. Barf was bad, skunk spray was horrible, but ROTTEN EGG!! I have no words… After ONE BITE I had to spit it out to prevent myself from throwing up. Not even kidding… My little sister had rotten egg too and we both had to rinse our mouth throughly and eat chewing gum. Ever after we did that, there was a foul after taste and we were so nauseous. >.> 

Overall, all candies were good/okay. However, I wouldn’t buy them again as they’re more expensive than the regular candies and weren’t really mind-blowing either. In addition to the price of the candies, I payed another € 4,95 shipping costs. Shipping was fast, products were in good state and I had no other troubles with the shop. All in all, quite a good haul ^^


My Linh

Have you ever tried one of these candies? What’s your favorite candy?

9 thoughts on “American Candy Haul/Review

    1. Haha ik denk dat ik snap wat je bedoelt. Ik vond het zelf niet zozeer chemisch (als in fabrieksgeur), maar het zijn niet allemaal natuurlijke smaakstoffen inderdaad (vooral bean boozled) xD voor een keer vond ik het leuk, maar zou het niet regelmatig eten. Gezond kan ik het sowieso niet noemen 😛

    1. Hahaha yes, they’re kinda a Bertie Botts All Flavor Beans, but with less variety in flavor 😛 And yes, that’s kinda how it went. It’s “funny” but also not funny at the same time. Seriously, the rotten egg.. it was horrible. Even as I think back, I still get kinda naseous :’)

  1. die jelly beans klinken niet super XD ik heb in canada kitkat peanut butter op en reese’s *_* ik denk dat je die wel lekker vind misschien?!

    1. Haha dat waren ze ook absoluut niet, maar wel heel grappig. Nooit gedacht dat je zulke smaken in een jelly bean kon stoppen >.< Ben benieuwd naar de kitkat peanut butter! Klinkt heel bijzonder. Hoe smaakte het?? 😀

  2. Everything looks good and I’m hungry. Mint M&M’s sound super interesting! I will probably never try the bean boozled things because I’m not very brave when it comes to trying new food. I’d rather stick with the same old trusty candy I know ^^”

    1. The mint M&M’s were good if you love mint+choco (After Eight’s are better tho) I was shitting my pants when we started the bean boozled… Me and my little sister had all the bad luck! We had 1 good flavor >.> My brother-in-law only had 2 BAD flavors… Grrr~~~

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