5 Tips To Increase Fruit Intake

Healthy eating is a lifestyle in my opinion. You need to make a permanent change. It’s not a diet. Have you tried eating more fruit for “one week” before and fallen into old bad habits right after that week’s over? That because a week is not enough time to learn a new habit. I used to eat very little fruit too. However, nowadays I can’t imagine going a day without. It’s recommended to eat at least two servings of fruit a day. Fruits contain fibers, vitamins and minerals that contribute to your health. Therefor, I’m sharing a couple of my tips on increasing your fruit intake.

1. Cut your food ahead

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Single Serving Chocolate Chip Cookie (Vegan)

Lovely soft chocolate chip cookie without egg and dairy. This recipe makes exactly one chocolate chip cookie. 

Advantages of single servings? A lot. Here are a few though:

  1. Usually no eggs required
  2. No over-eating
  3. Self-love because you’re baking just for you
  4. Adjust to YOUR taste

And now, on WT, you can learn how to make a single serving CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE. Bonus? It’s egg-free ánd vegan. Is there anything in this world that can beat this? I guess not. Unless you’re more of a matcha lover. Serve with a tall glass of milk, soy milk, almond milk, rice milk.. whatever floats your boat. It’ll be delish. Promise. Ready in 15 minutes. Read more

That Lucky Friend | MINDFUL MONDAY


I used to know someone who always said “You’re so lucky, because…” whenever someone told something happy. If someone got a job that person would reply with “You’re so lucky to get a job. (I’m not that lucky.)”. If someone got a raise, it was (according to that “friend”) from sheer luck (not because of hard work). If someone could buy/rent a house, the reply would be “you’re so lucky to be able to afford a house”. “You’re so lucky” sounds positive but it really isn’t. I’ll tell you why I feel that way:  Read more

Strawberry & Cream Birthday Cake

Soft basic sponge cake filled with plenty of Chantilly cream (sweet vanilla whipped cream) and fresh sweet strawberries. Perfect as a birthday cake. For best results, make this cake when strawberries are in season.

Meet my strawberry and cream birthday cake. Okay, calling it a birthday cake is a bit weird because basically any cake can be a birthday cake. However, this type of cake reminds me of birthdays which is why I call it a “birthday” cake. You can just call it “cake” though 😉 Also, this cake is probably my favorite kind of cake: A fluffy sponge with creamy, light whipping cream. As I’ve mentioned before, buttercream is not really my cup of tea. Whipping cream is totally up my alley though (although my lactose intolerance doesn’t really agree lol). And my bf.. he is even more in love with whipping cream. He’d marry it if he could lmao. (I wish I was kidding.) So if you’re anything like me/us, this cake is going to rock your world.

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