The Mental Road To Excellence

So, a while back my friend Yak Man wrote a post (“Waar ben ik goed in? translated: What am I good at?”) that inspired and motivated me to take yet another step in sharing my spiritual growth. Her post was about excellence: She wrote there are a lot of people she sees heaps of talent in, but she can’t seem to find/see her own talent. As I read her post, I couldn’t help but think
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Cheesy chicken and spinach quesedillas


Cheesy chicken and spinach quesedillas ♥ Look at that stringy cheese…

Away from the sugary deliciousness, we’re going to see how my quesedillas are made today. Very cheesy quesedillas filled with shredded chicken, caramelized onions ánd heaps of spinach. These quesedillas are crunchy on the ouside, just like Read more

White Chocolate Truffles with Nutty Core

Delicious creamy chocolate truffles with a nutty core and covered in a layer of white chocolate.

White chocolate truffles with a nutty core shining in the sun

A while back I saw Yak Man posting “not-so healthy, healthy truffles” and I got inspired to create my own truffles: I wanted to make truffles with a yummylicious core. Although her creation was my inspiration, I’m sorry to tell you my truffles aren’t  Read more

Forgiving, moving on and letting go

Not too long ago, I was suffering from depression and anxiety due to certain events in my childhood. First of all, I’d like to point out that recovering from both of these disorders, does not make you “never depressed/always happy”. Even people without disorders are never “24/7 happy”. This is an important thing to realize. As for me, I had a psychologist who taught me to recognize my triggers and to switch to an other reaction. I’m happy with the way my life is at the moment, but i’m not all-smiles-everyday. And that’s perfectly fine. Today’s post is an intro and the first part of me sharing my experiences.

A psychologist does not “fix” you.

So my story started around age 9 or 10. Read more

Sometimes it’s so exciting, I get impatient

Hi lovelies! How’s everyone doing? Had an awesome-balls weekend? I’m curious what you guys did this weekend, because my weekend was oh so crazy! Gosh, I don’t even know where to start! So last monday we got the keys to our appartment. We’ve been working around the clock to get things done in the new appartment and to move all of our stuff (we seriously have too much crap..) out of the old place. I was starting my days at 6AM to get to my internship and stayed until 5 PM, after which I’d hurry to the appartment to get things done and hope I’d be in my bed around 11PM so I’d be moderately awake at my internship the next day. It was hectic, but Read more