In the end, we’ll all be fine

Moving is so much fun but stressful at the same time too. There are so many things to consider: old furniture, new furniture, packing, unpacking, walls, floor, curtains, time, money.. you name it! Additionally, I’m a stressy person at heart! You can imagine the combination of stressful events and a stressful person to be disastrous xD However, Read more

Pinterest Food Favorites 01

I’m often asked how it’s possible I seem to be “forever-hungry”. To which I usually answer “I don’t know. I think I just really like food, which causes me to think about it..a lot…?”. However, a few weeks back one of my friends told me he found the “real” reason: “Because you’re always looking at food-pictures (on Pinterest)!” And I’m thinking, ‘Gee, he might actually be right..’. But believe it or not, it’s not the actual food that draws me to Pinterest, but it’s the technique of capturing food in it’s most beautiful state. (Okay, I admit it: the delicious food itself is one of the main reasons too hahaha.. #foodieatheart :P) Pictures of food at the right angle, with the right lighting, with the right settings.. It’s a true talent, I could watch all day long… (Literally xD)

Oreo Truffles. Yes, you read that right: OREO(!!!) truffles.
Lemon Blueberry Cupcakes. Whoops, did I just lick the screen?
Cronuts: The baby of croissant and doughnut. I’m not even kidding here…
Mini Chocolate Strawberry Cake. Come one, this has to be illegal, right?!

How would your friends describe you?


My Linh

Chocolate Raspberry Muffins

Sky high soft chocolate muffins stuffed with raspberries. These muffins are super fluffy and moist.


Last week I decided to try a combo of chocolate and raspberries. Although it’s a common combination of flavors, I must admit I’ve never tried it before. What a shame, because chocolate and raspberries are ah-my-gawd delicious! The sweetness of chocolate against the tangyness of the raspberries… it’s absolutely a match made in heaven! I’m not even kidding. The muffins I’m sharing today are Read more