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As some of you might know, this summer I went to Asia for a complete relaxation trip. Part of our trip was lots of sight seeing, walking around and eating heaps of good food. However, on Bali island, the idea was to get complete relaxation: No planning, just strolling around and do juuuustt about nothing. And we did this at Junjungan Ubud Hotel and Spa* to be exactly 😉

*Beware a lot of hotels and spas are called “Junjungan” on Bali. Some get really bad reviews so be sure to find the one I linked if you’re planning to stay here.

Junjungan Hotel and Spa was everything we hoped for and more. At the airport, we were picked up by a lovely chauffeur: a funny and friendly man. You do pay and extra fee for this service, but with all the taxi-scamming around the island, we felt this was safest. The chauffeur was really sweet: insisting on carrying our luggage, apologizing for the uncooled water and making small talk with us during the ride. We even found out he was a fan of the Dutch soccer team! (Van der Sar is his favorite) He asked us why The Netherlands didn’t win the world cup. We’re still wondering too haha…

At the hotel, we were welcomed with a delicious fresh fruit juice. Because we had a “long” stay (longer than the usual), we received a two “thank you-gifts” too: a bottle of champagne and a free massage. The ambience of the hotel was great. We felt relaxed the moment we sat down. The staff was super sweet and the service is what we remember most. Everyone was very polite and they were always asking if we needed anything or were having any problems. The staff really goes to all lengths to make your stay perfect never expecting anything back (read: tips). (We did give tips though.) We were even offered (healthy) drinks on the house, while we were just sitting and relaxing at the pool.

Finally, the room. We booked the so-called “Studio”-room. I don’t have own photos of our room, but the photos on their website are a pretty good depiction. (Sorry, I was too busy doing nothing hehe… ^^” ). Anyway, the room was very spacious: We had a front room, a bedroom (king size bed!! Hello, heaven ♥) and a bathroom (with a superdeluxe bath). Additionally, we had a small balcony to enjoy the rice fields and to spend a lazy evening looking at gorgeous fireflies lighting up darkness.

Both of us truly loved the Junjungan Hotel and Spa experience. I would say it’s more of a hotel with cool extra’s than a resort-like spa. However, do note that the price is cheaper than a full-resort experience with spacious clean rooms and superb service. A couple of things they could improve (but aren’t even really worth mentioning) are:

  • Small unheated pool (Which is good for hot days though)
  • Limited spa (But good massages)

Final little extra note: They sent an email on my boyfriends birthday (2 months later) to wish him a happy birthday. How sweet it that?! I will never forget these people.

In a nutshell
Hygiene: 4/5**
Pool: 3/5
Price/Quality ratio: 4/5
Service: 5/5
Spa: 3/5

**To interpret this score, you should know I’m quite a neat freak.

With ♥,

My Linh

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