Beating Butter And Sugar Until Creamy | HOW TO

Video’s are in Dutch

In recipes with butter, you’re usually told to beat the butter and sugar until light (fluffy,) and creamy. If you beat the butter well, you can make the lightest cakes. From a simple pound cake to light, buttery cupcakes. When I just started baking, I didn’t really know what “beating until light” meant. What was the right technique and how could I till if it was “light and fluffy” enough? Because I couldn’t really find a good video back then, I decided to make my own.

To beat butter and sugar until light and fluffy, it’s important to have soft butter. Often recipes call for bringing it to room temperature. However, bringing it to room temperature takes quite some time and sometimes “room temperature” is not warm enough to make the butter soft enough for beating. I will show you a faster technique.

In stead of bringing butter to room temperature, I take butter straight from the fridge for my recipes. I cut these into cubes and divide it in one layer on a plate. I microwave the plate on the lowest wattage for 10 seconds and check the butter. Usually the butter is still too cold; you can’t make a dent with your finger. In that case, I heat it another 5-10 seconds in the microwave on the lowest wattage. The butter should be soft enough for you to make a dent in it with your finger, but it can’t be melted. At this stage you can add the sugar and beat it with a handheld mixer. Beat it for at least 10 minutes. You’ll see the butter become very light and turning a pale, almost white, color (see video). When the butter is white and fluffy, you can continue with the other instructions of your recipe. Usually the next step is adding eggs.

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