5 Inspirational Fitgirls (It’s not what you think) | MINDFUL MONDAY

When it comes to physical activity, I can mostly be found at the gym. I’m not much of a runner and when it comes to cycling.. well, let’s just say my bike has had a flat tire for about two years now and I haven’t felt any motivation to get it fixed. Really, none. Anyway, there are a lot of girls at the gym nowadays. A lot of them do weight lifting. The majority of the weight lifting group is still male, but to shine some light onto the ladies I thought it would be nice to share five inspirational fitgirls at my gym. These are not girls that inspire me to become more bulky, get a bigger ass or drink gallons of protein shakes. No, these are girls that inspire me in life. They might not know it, by I feel inspired by the small things they do. Read more

5 Tips To Increase Fruit Intake

Healthy eating is a lifestyle in my opinion. You need to make a permanent change. It’s not a diet. Have you tried eating more fruit for “one week” before and fallen into old bad habits right after that week’s over? That because a week is not enough time to learn a new habit. I used to eat very little fruit too. However, nowadays I can’t imagine going a day without. It’s recommended to eat at least two servings of fruit a day. Fruits contain fibers, vitamins and minerals that contribute to your health. Therefor, I’m sharing a couple of my tips on increasing your fruit intake.

1. Cut your food ahead

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15 Things I Miss About Mom

1. I miss her warm pancakes.
When I was little she would often make a plate of Dutch pancakes (like crêpes) and put the plate on top of the radiator to keep the pancakes warm until I got home.

2. I miss her love for flowers and plants.
Although I’m not much of a flower lover, I miss her love and enthusiasm for flowers. She cared for her flowers and plants like they were her children.

3. I miss her after-dinner apples.
My mom would always cut up some fruit after dinner. They were often apples but I loved the occasional orange too. Read more