Take Mini-Breaks Every Day | MINDFUL MONDAY

We always know when our body feels stressed or overwhelmed. However, we don’t always respond to it. Our first instinct is to ignore that feeling. “It will go away.” It is crucial to recognize this response and to change it. It might not go away. Take a minute to let your body (and mind) relax. If you choose to ignore it, it will build and build until it’s too much for you to handle. Don’t let it get that far. Give yourself little breaks every day. Especially at stressful moments. Take a minute to breathe, let your shoulders relax and clear your mind. It doesn’t have to take more than 5 minutes. After this moment of complete relaxation, continue your work. Take these 5 minutes multiple times a day. It might not immediately improve the quality of your work, but it will definitely help you maintain your (mental) health.

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Things You Should Do For You | MINDFUL MONDAY

Most of us are prepared to do quite a lot for our loved ones. We’d probably do anything. I know I would anyway. But how much do you do for you? Do you ever do anything for yourself? Or are you that person that keeps doing things for others and forgets herself/himself in the process? Here’s a reminder of 5 things you should do (more) for yourself.

  1. Forgive yourself for mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes. It’s okay.
  2. Allow yourself to take a break. No responsibilities for a day. No chores, no work, no gym, no nothing. Just you.
  3. Give yourself a compliment. And do it out loud.
  4. Trust you can do it. Whether it’s a new or an old challenge. Trust yourself and tell yourself you can do it. Because you can.
  5. Say “no” more often. We all get many requests on a daily basis. Saying “yes” to all these things will exhaust you. So allow yourself to say no sometimes. Do it for you.

What did you do for yourself today?

Love, My Linh.

Things To Be Thankful For | MINDFUL MONDAY


The past few days I’ve been stuck in a negative spiral. I feel pressured by people around me. Needless to say, I feel a bit down. But as I believe in creating your own luck, I decided that I’m going to take matters into my own hands. The negative spiral stops here. I need to get back and focus on the positive things. Because there really are so many positive things in my life. It would be a shame to let the few negative things cast a shadow on all the positive things I have. Therefor, I decided to recall (and repeat) three things I’m thankful for everyday. And I thought it would be nice to share today’s three things with you guys (and maybe inspire you to do the same). So here are three things I’m thankful for today:

  1. That I got safe to work (by car)
  2. My delicious noodles for lunch
  3. The thankful patient I had today

What things are you thankful for today? Tell yourself out loud and/or let me know in the comments below. And for those of you who are having a bad day right now: You can do it. Maybe not this instance, but you’ll get there. Keep going.

Love, My Linh

5 Tips To Becoming Successful


Everyone wants to be successful at something. Whether it’s personal or business-related, we all have a goal. Some of us already are successful and others are still trying to chase a dream. For those of you who are still trying to become successful, here are 5 tips to keep you going and to help you reach your (ultimate) dream.

1. Accept and get over failure.

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Find Solutions Within You | MINDFUL MONDAY


How often are you annoyed or frustrated by situations? Annoyed or frustrated because you feel like someone in your life should change or do something (for you). What if I’d tell you that blaming the other person is not the solution. What if I’d tell you the solution is you. Yes, you. Let me explain.

Usually when we’re annoyed or frustrated, it’s because there’s a situation we can’t control. Atleast, that’s what we think. Indeed, in most of these situations you can’t control the outcome to become what you had in mind, your expectation. But you can control the situation to become one that doesn’t annoy you.

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