3-Ingredient Coconut Macaroons

3-ingredient coconut macaroons! (Madame Cocos Copycat) Use sweetened condensed coconut milk for a lactose-free version. These macaroons are gluten free too.

In The Netherlands, we have a concept called “Madame Cocos“. They sell fresh made coconut macaroons but also sell tubs of macaroon “dough”. A few weeks back my “bro-in-law” bought a bag of these macaroons. The shop is super cute and they sell all kinds of macaroons: regular, dark chocolate, white chocolate, and rum and raisins. So good. I’m not sure how much my sis’ bf paid for the fresh macaroons, but when I saw the tubs of “dough” for € 5,50 each on their website I was a bit shocked! (One tub makes 8 large macaroons) And so I decide to make my own recipe (as usual). Coconut macaroons are really super easy to make. Really. Anyone can do this; it’s a matter of stirring. In addition to needing no skills, this recipe takes only three ingredients! Three! So if you’re a true coconut lover, you can’t skip this easy treat. This recipe makes 10 macaroons and the ingredients will cost you about € 3,50. Read more

Blueberry Spice Baked Oats

Forget your standard morning oatmeal and head right over to the baked side. These blueberry spice baked oats are easy to make and taste like (a healthy) dessert for breakfast.


Sorry guys, I’m not over my blueberry addiction yet. They’re just too freaking delicious. I combined my addiction with a healthy recipe for a change though. In addition, it’s a recipe for two people! Recipes for two are perfect for my household. No waste but still super delicious. Today’s baked oats are full of blueberries and so fragrant from the spices. I love spices. And did I tell you this recipe is glutenfree, lactosefree, nutfree ánd free of refined sugar. I wasn’t even aiming for that, but I take no (healthy) bonuses for granted. Total damage? 171 kcal. Best.breakfast.ever. You’re welcome 😉

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Lemon Custard Cream Cups

Velvet smooth tangy lemon custard with real lemon zest topped with creamy stabilized whipping cream. Great mini dessert to end a big meal. It’s gluten free too.


How’s everyone coping with the weather? Strange things are happening over here in The Netherlands. Like I said before, one day it’s cold and the next it’s hot. The past few days the weather decided to be cold again. Too cold for my liking. I would just love to hug a big bowl of steaming hot pumpkin soup 24/7. Seriously, I think I have, what I like to call “Tropical-Genes”. Because I feel cold when other people still feel like it’s warm-ish ^^” The other day at work, all my colleagues were discussing whether to  Read more

Vegan Coconut Agar-Agar (Jelly)

These vegan (and glutenfree) coconut jelly squares are just as snappy and refreshing as gelatin-based jelly. Serve these squares cool and you’ll have the perfect summer snack!


 Today’s recipe is another coconut dessert! Yes, I know, I’ve shared coconut cupcakes, a soft coconut pudding, a coconut tapioca dessert and today will be another one. Who cares? Let’s just go coconut-crazy together! Because these beautiful coconut jelly squares aren’t just delicious, but very refreshing too. Great for summer. Yes, just like the coconut tapioca dessert. As usual this recipe is super simple and quick to make. Additionally, you can make all kinds of varieties from this basic recipe. At the end of this post you will find Read more

Coconut Sago with Mango (Vegan and Gluten free!)

A delicious creamy, chewy, sweet ánd refreshing coconut dessert with tapioca pearls and ice cold cubes of mango. Who needs an airplane to fly to the tropics, when each bite of this super easy dessert will take you there in an instant! Great as a gluten free and vegan alternative.

Hello beloved foodies 🙂 How is everyone doing? I’m actually doing quite well. As you might’ve noticed I’ve been quite busy doing other stuff than blogging. This week I’m entering the last three weeks of my time as a student (I’m expecting to pass this last course, anyway…). It’s scary and exciting at the same time! But surprises are what makes life fun, right? Just like Read more