Refreshing Strawberry Lemonade

Last weekend the weather was beautiful over here. For a second I even thought it was summer already! We hit about 20°C. Now, you might think 20°C is not that good, but if you live in the Netherlands, you know summer(y)-days can be very rare. So we decided to make it a “lazy”-Sunday and enjoy it to the fullest: Sitting on the balcony, enjoying some Read more

Paté a choux (choux pastry)

Paté a choux is the fancy french name for choux pastry. When filled with cream, these babies are also known as cream puffs. I’m not sure about other countries, but in The Netherlands everyone’s has eaten these so called ‘soesjes’ some time in their life. They’re usually served at birthday parties and can be found in a whole lot of all-you-can-eat restaurants too. It takes about €1 to get a whole box of frozen cream puffs. Yes, €1! However, eventhough it’s very cheap to buy cream puffs, cream puffs should be served freshly made for four reasons:
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(Vegetarian) Cheese omelette and spinach wrap

Delicious creamy cheese omelet combined with fresh spinach, mayonaise and tangy sun-dried tomatoes. All rolled in a flour tortilla to make the perfect wraps.

Phew, after weeks of hard work, we finally had a housewarming party. For me, the key ingredient to a party with more than 4 people is delicious bite-size food (a.k.a party food). And I decided to go all the way. I served: chicken quesedillas, vegetarian quesedillas, salmon wraps, vegetarian wraps, vietnamese spring rolls (with dipping sauce!), homemade cookies and cream puffs. Yes, all homemade. Starting early in the morning and finishing barely before the first guest arrived! I loved it. If only party food was my job… ♥ Oh, don’t worry, I will share all recipes with you guys.

Today, I will share the recipe for the vegetarian wraps. These were definitely a hit at my party: everyone loved it. Aside from the flavor, these are so easy to make too! One bite includes:  Read more

Silky smooth pumpkin soup (vegan)

Amazing smooth and creamy pumpkin soup without the cream! Rich in flavor and really healthy. Perfect for cold winter days.

May I introduce to you: My silky smooth pumpkin soup. A soup that’s creamy without the cream and sweet without the added sugar. Today’s recipe is healthy AND delicious. What more could we ask for? And unlike most people think, Read more