Cheesy chicken and spinach quesedillas


Cheesy chicken and spinach quesedillas ♥ Look at that stringy cheese…

Away from the sugary deliciousness, we’re going to see how my quesedillas are made today. Very cheesy quesedillas filled with shredded chicken, caramelized onions ánd heaps of spinach. These quesedillas are crunchy on the ouside, just like Read more

White Chocolate Truffles with Nutty Core

Delicious creamy chocolate truffles with a nutty core and covered in a layer of white chocolate.

White chocolate truffles with a nutty core shining in the sun

A while back I saw Yak Man posting “not-so healthy, healthy truffles” and I got inspired to create my own truffles: I wanted to make truffles with a yummylicious core. Although her creation was my inspiration, I’m sorry to tell you my truffles aren’t  Read more

Chocolate Raspberry Muffins

Sky high soft chocolate muffins stuffed with raspberries. These muffins are super fluffy and moist.


Last week I decided to try a combo of chocolate and raspberries. Although it’s a common combination of flavors, I must admit I’ve never tried it before. What a shame, because chocolate and raspberries are ah-my-gawd delicious! The sweetness of chocolate against the tangyness of the raspberries… it’s absolutely a match made in heaven! I’m not even kidding. The muffins I’m sharing today are Read more