Matcha Danish Rolls

Flaky Danish pastry with a matcha filling. These rolls are very buttery and aren’t too sweet.

These rolls are made from delicious flaky croissant dough and filled with a semi-sweet matcha filling. The dough takes quite some time to make, but the technique is very easy! I didn’t make the filling very sweet, but if you want a very sweet roll you can add more sugar to the filling. Whatever you like. Now, are you ready to see how you can get these delicious rolls in your home?

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Crème Pâtissière & Crème Diplomat

Delicious licht and creamy pastry cream or crème diplomat. Ready in seconds! Super easy and so much better than the store-bought stuff.


The weather in the Netherlands has been cooling down this week. I don’t mind though: a little cold weather will make you appreciate the sun a bit more -I know, that’s deeeppp-. In addition, we’ve had some beautiful days last week. I think we even got over 22 C! What did you guys do last week? In this house, we enjoyed the sun on our little balcony. Dinner on the balcony, while enjoying a… glas of cold water (cause I don’t do wine 🍷) haha… The good life though.
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Paté a choux (choux pastry)

Paté a choux is the fancy french name for choux pastry. When filled with cream, these babies are also known as cream puffs. I’m not sure about other countries, but in The Netherlands everyone’s has eaten these so called ‘soesjes’ some time in their life. They’re usually served at birthday parties and can be found in a whole lot of all-you-can-eat restaurants too. It takes about €1 to get a whole box of frozen cream puffs. Yes, €1! However, eventhough it’s very cheap to buy cream puffs, cream puffs should be served freshly made for four reasons:
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