No Oven Chocolate Cake Dessert (Single Serving)

Soft and rich chocolate cake topped with a good dollop of whipped cream. No oven AND single serving. This cake is made on a stove. Looks fancy, but takes under 20 minutes to make.

Last week I challenged myself once again to make a single serving recipe. However, this time, I also wanted to make it no-oven. And I succeeded! If you enjoyed one of my previous single serve recipes, I’m pretty sure you’re going to l-o-v-e this one. Here’s how to make a:

  • single serving
  • no-oven
  • oil-free
  • vegan (optional)

delicious chocolate cake dessert. Read more

Single Serving Vegan Lava Cake

Delicious rich and gooey chocolate lava cake. Just enough for one. Or maybe for two if you’re trying to eat less 😉 Suitable for vegans.

May I present to you: The result of my endless attempts at making a single serve lava cake recipe. If you follow me on Instagram, you might’ve seen some of my failures pop up. It took me about 7 cakes until I got it right, but I finally have the perfect single serve lava cake for you guys. Rich chocolate flavor with a gooey liquid core. Addictively good. And I even went an extra mile and made it vegan! Read more

Vegan Blueberry Pancakes

Thick, fluffy pancakes stuffed with warm plump blueberries. Egg-free and no dairy. Suitable for vegans. Serve with plenty of maple syrup.


Pancakes time!!! Who doesn’t love pancakes? I do. Except for the “healthy” banana egg pancakes. Have any of you tried it before? I’ve tried several times AND with all kinds of adaptations to the recipe, but it never tastes good. It’s just too banana-y and egg-y (which is kind of obvious seen the ingredients lol) for me. Super healthy’s just not my thing. Guess I’ll just live with the carbs and run an extra mile. Psssh… who am I kidding? I’ll just live with the carbs, period. Lol. Read more

Best Vegan Banana Bread

Super moist vegan banana bread. Filled with plump raisins and crunchy walnuts. You won’t be able to stay away. No eggs, no dairy. 


I love eating slightly green bananas. I know, it’s weird. But once a bit of browning starts, I feel like bananas are way too sweet and too strong in flavor. Anyone with me? (I know my friend Liss isn’t lol.) So whenever I buy bananas, I buy just a couple of them and make sure I buy the green ones. Unfortunately, there are days we don’t eat the bananas fast enough and brown speckles start to show. What I do is I set those bananas aside to brown completely. Brown until almost black so I can turn them into delicious banana bread! Now, I already shared my regular banana bread with you guys, but today you get my recipe for vegan banana bread. It’s just as good, contains no eggs or dairy AND has 50% less sugar. I can’t think of any reason why you should’t make this. 😉 Read more

Vegan Fruit and Nuts Bread

Rich, fragrant bread. Stuffed with assorted dried fruits and walnuts. This bread is suitable for vegans, but everyone will love it. Leftovers taste amazing when toasted.


Whoop, whoop. I’ve been on a roll with vegan recipes lately! I started off with these vegan lunch wraps, then showed you how to make vegan bubble tea and  I made and a two weeks ago I shared my vegan brownies with you guys. And I’ve got even more planned for you vegans out there!  Obviously, as I’m not vegan I won’t turn all my recipes vegan, but I’ve been enjoying the challenge and I hope you guys do too. BTW: If you haven’t tried the brownies yet, you really should. Even if you’re not vegan. They’re the BEST brownies ever. Seriously. A dish totally worth its calories. Such a shame we shouldn’t eat brownies on a daily basis (or should we…? 😉 )  Read more