AH Delicata, Lindt, Matcha and More Chocolate | SMAAKTEST

Videos are in Dutch

It has been a while since our last taste test, but today we’re back with a chocolate taste test! Albert Heijn (Dutch supermarket) has a new line of chocolates we wanted to try and Ruben also bought some special chocolate at a chocolate museum in Germany. In this video we try matcha chocolate, ice coffee chocolate and we also discover what “spaghetti ice cream” is. Read more

Japanese Sweets – Pocky, Meiji and Matcha Cookies | TASTE TEST

Videos are in Dutch

My sister recently got back from Japan with a whole bag full of cookies and candies. In this video we put these goodies to the (taste) test! We tried new Pocky flavors, Matcha (green tea) sandwich biscuits, the famous Meji almonds and also gave some ultra sour lemon drops a shot! Are you ready for today’s taste test from Japan? Quickly grab your cuppa tea because we’re about to start a foodfest. 

Read more

Flavored Water from Sourcy, Spa and AH | TASTE TEST

Video’s are in Dutch

Flavored water has been getting quite a bit of attention lately. We bought a bottle from Sourcy, Spa and one from Albert Heijn to see if this expensive water is worth the hype. Does Sourcy water really taste like raspberries? Or does it taste like a strongly diluted lemonade? We put it to the test! Read more