Chai Tea Latte.


Hi lovelies. What’s up? I’m sitting here enjoying my Chai Tea Latte (hipster!) at the dining table at 3PM in my p-jammies and bathrobe. Don’t judge, I’m only human 😉 Yesterday, I took an “off-day” to wander around Groningen and shop for new clothes. It has been a while since I bought clothes for myself. Probably because I’ve been working around the clock lately. Loving everything I do if I may I add; keeping up with my 3/week blogging schedule, working as a pharmacist, recipe testing (are you following me on instagram yet?), shooting videos, doing chores, making homework and dealing with all the migraines in between. Therefor, this weekend I took the time to just.sit. Because what’s living life if you’re not taking the time to enjoy it? So I sit down and enjoy the ambience for a moment. Letting all things that can’t wait, wait. Forgetting all things that need to remembered. Just for a moment. A moment of recharge.


Lots of things have happened/are happening in the world lately, which I’m sure everyone is well aware of. In addition, unfortunate -but inevitable- events of life like sickness and death pop up in life’s of those around me. All these horrible things get you thinking. Thinking about life. It got me thinking anyway. Thinking about who I am and what I want to do with my life. You see, I’m someone who gets caught up in getting bigger, better, stronger. So caught up, I often forget my accomplishments. There’s always room for more. That’s basically my life motto. It’s a motto that does well for reaching goals, but it also makes you go through life in “fastforward-mode“. Fast-forwarding to new goals without appreciating the ones behind you. So while I sip away this delicious warm drink, I take the time to be grateful. Grateful for what I have and for things I got to accomplish so far. For having health to live life, money to spend, time to enjoy and family/friends to share all these things with. Life isn’t as bad as it feels like sometimes. I wish to enjoy life more and I wish to stand still to look around more often. So excuse me as I finish these last few sips of sugar-loaded tea and do some more of looking around and doing nothing at all. Have a nice, blissful day!


My Linh

What are you grateful for?

P.S: absolutely LOVE the decorative lights I got from HEMA (I got the one with 30 lights, but they only sell the one with 10 lights in their webshop). What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Chai Tea Latte.

  1. I’m very gratefull that the people in my life are healthy and mostly happy. There are def some bumps but I’m trying to ease them through just as the rest of that group of friends – cause that’s prety much the ultimate task of good friends: make life happier. Oh chai tea, cinnamen and all, so comfortable. I love your lights 😀 And props to you for getting them all magical on photo – that’s hard work right there.

    1. Those are definitely two great things to be grateful for! Especially health is something we forget quite often to be grateful for. It’s not until we get sick, we notice how good it is to be healthy. As for the bumps, I like to think of them this way: They’re no fun but life would be boring without the occasional bumps 😉 And thank you on the lights. I love them. (They were cheap too!) And I did shoot quite some photos to get to the photo that made it to this post haha.. #perfectionist

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