Gingerbread cakepops

Super easy and quick gingerbread cakepops covered in a layer of lushious white chocolate. A combination of spice and creamy with only 3 simple ingredients.

Oh how weekend time flies when you’re eating delicious food having fun! I had such a productive weekend getting the tires of my car changed, buying an engagement present, doing some recipe testing and visiting the best and most loving dad in the whole wide world :3 Now, I’m ready to start this Monday and attack my projects at work. How about you guys? Anyway, sometimes we could use something lazy and simple. Just like the recipe for today: Gingerbread cakepops. Cakepops are like truffles on a stick. They’re bite size and therefor easy to eat. Just what you need for a party. And have I mentioned you will only need 3 ingredients? Yes, just 3! And you don’t even need an oven!

Like I said, these gingerbread cakepops are genuinely super easy. You can even make life easier by your choice in gingerbread: homemade or store-bought. Either way, I guarantee your cakepops will turn out delicious. But between you and me: Just go for your favorite brand of gingerbread. Life is already hard as is and no one will taste the difference anyway 😉

The hardest part to this recipe is to temper the chocolate. Don’t stress, this sounds way more difficult than it actually is and I’ll talk you through it. Tempering the chocolate will make the chocolate shiny and snappy once it’s set. There are basically just three steps to temper your chocolate the easy way:

  1. Take half of you chocolate and melt it in the microwave by heating and stirring every 10 seconds until melted.
  2. Add in a small piece of the rest of the unmelted chocolate (about 1×1 cm) and stir until completely melted.
  3. Repeat for the rest of the chocolate.

And that’s it. Easy huh? Yes, I know. Now you know how to temper chocolate, all you have to do is mix up your cookie crumbles with some cream cheese and cover the whole lot in creamy white chocolate. Once your chocolate has set, you’ll hear a satisfying snap when you bite into your cakepop. Don’t forget to share!

P.S: Try other cookie flavors and different kinds of chocolate too.



Ginger Bread Cakepops
Yields 8
Spiced up no-bake cakepop covered in a snappy layer of creamy white chocolate. Super easy, no fuss recipe.
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Prep Time
5 min
Total Time
30 min
Prep Time
5 min
Total Time
30 min
  1. 50 g ginger bread cookies, ground
  2. 1-3 Tbsp cream cheese, room temperature
  3. 200 g white chocolate
  1. Mix the ginger bread cookie crumbs with cream cheese until you get a slightly stick but not wet consistency.
  2. Roll the cookie mixture into 8 little balls*.
  3. Melt about 25 g of white chocolate.
  4. Dip a cakepop stick about 1 cm in the melted white chocolate and stick that side in the cakepop. Set aside and continue for all cookie balls.
  5. Chill the cakepops 15-20 minutes** in the fridge until the chocolate has set. The stick should be firmly stuck in the cakepop.
  6. Melt and temper*** the rest of the white chocolate and transfer in a deep cup.
  7. Dip a cakepop completely in the white chocolate.
  8. Pull the cakepop out while continuously spinning the stick to let excess drip off.
  9. Place the cakepop on a tray lined with baking paper and repeat for all cakepops.
  10. Let the chocolate set until shiny and snappy.
  1. * This recipe is for about 8 little cakepops. Multiply the ingredients of the recipe according to the amount of cakepops you need.
  2. ** Time depends on the temperature of your chocolate and the size of the cakepops
  3. *** See notes above
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