Foodgift: Homemade muffin mix

Super simple homemade muffin mix. Ready in just a couple of minutes. Perfect as a last minute food gift!

December is my favorite month. In my personal-life anyway, not at work. (Here’s why not.) It’s the time of family, friends and love. It’s the perfect excuse to get everyone under one roof and enjoy food together like there’s no tomorrow. I just love the cosy feeling and I love love LOVE giving (food) presents. Yes, I love giving presents more than receiving presents. I’m serious. I’m one of those crazy women that start getting ideas and presents ready around the last weeks of November. This year was a little bit more hectic than expected, causing me to round everything up juuusstt about last this week ^^” I know, insane late. Nevertheless, I succeeded in getting perfect gifts for everyone. (High five!)


However, if you’re not like me and procrastinate gift-shopping until it’s too late, I’ve got the perfect gift for you today, a food gift: Homemade muffin mix. Now, you could make a batch of pumpkin spice-, chocolate raspberry or crumble muffins and give these as is. Delicious. But a homemade muffin mix is much better for gifting, because:

Additionally, the receiver can decide when to bake the yummy muffins and thus when to eat. There’s no gift more personalized than this mix! Today, I’ll show you how to make a homemade muffin mix for double chocolate chip muffins. However, feel free to substitute the chocolate chips with other stuffings like walnuts, dried fruit, chunks of caramel (who’s sending me this one?!) or whatever you have on hand. This mix is for 12 medium muffins. If you want a mix for big muffins, use the ratios in this recipe and substitute the spices with 3 tablespoons of cacoa powder (that is, if you want a chocolate muffin mix). Add the ingredients in layers to a nice (glass) jar, decorate it the way you want and you’re done! Don’t forget to attach the instructions card 😉

Finally, I’d like to wish all of you a Merry Christmas. Enjoy this special time with your loved ones and remember to count you blessings. May the day be filled with love, laughter and lots of food! 😉 Special shout-out to fellow bloggers Yak-Man, Beau, Achyhoz and Jasmine. ♥

Homemade Muffin Mix
Easy mix for delicious fluffy and moist double chocolate chip muffins. Try substitutig the chocolate chips with nuts or caramel chunks too! Perfect for a (last-minute) holiday gift.
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Prep Time
5 min
Total Time
10 min
Prep Time
5 min
Total Time
10 min
  1. 240 g all-purpose flour
  2. 2½ tsp baking powder
  3. ¼ tsp salt
  4. 2 Tbsp cocoa flour
  5. ¼ tsp espresso powder
  6. 115 caster sugar
  7. 80 g semi-sweet chocolate chips
  8. 70 g white chocolate chips
  9. 1 transparent jar
  10. 1 card for instructions
  11. other decorations
  1. Add the flour, baking powder and salt in the jar. Stir to mix lightly. Tap the jar onto a flat surface to create and even layer.
  2. Add the cocoa flour and espresso powder on top of the flour mixture and tap onto surface.
  3. Add the sugar on to of cocoa mixture and tap onto surface.
  4. Add chocolate chips (or other fillings) as the last layer. If there's still some space in the jar, fill it up with something like baking paper.
  5. Decorate your jar and add a card with the following instructions: 1) In a small bowl, mix 1 egg, 150 mL buttermilk* and 75 mL oil. Set aside. 2) In a mixing bowl, add the muffin mix and create a well in the middle. 3) Pour egg mixture in the well and mix with the muffin mix until JUST combined. Don't overmix. 4) Divide the batter in a muffin pan. 5) Bake the muffins 5 minutes at 220 C. Then, turn the temperature down to 190 C and bake for another 8 minutes or until fully cooked through.
  1. *Can be substituted with 135 mL regular milk with 1 tablespoon vinegar
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6 thoughts on “Foodgift: Homemade muffin mix

  1. helemaal met je mee eens, geven is veel leuker dan krijgen. Vooral het samenstel- en versier gesteelde is de fun part.
    En zulke cadeautjes zijn altijd leuk! Echt handig wanneer je ff zin in een muffin hebt hehe

      1. mijn kerstgevoel is zo in de war doordat ik kerst pas gister had gevierd en de cadeautjes allemaal op een random dag zijn gegeven haha :”) Ondanks dat, was mijn kerst heel gezellig!! en k ben ook blij dat jouw kerst fun was hehe c: Lief dat je vraagt! 😀

        1. Hahaha ik kan mij voorstellen dat je dan een beetje in de war bent xD Ach, ik heb vrienden die gisteren nog “4e kerstdag” hebben gevierd :’) Maar zeker goed om te horen dat je een leuke kerst gehad hebt 😀 Nu is het tijd voor oud en nieuw! 😉

  2. Smart to add some (paper) filling so the mix wouldn’t bounce around that much and just how cute looking are the little chocolate drops.
    Received the shout out loud and clear! Thanks My Linh and a Merry Christmas to you as well!!

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