How To: Pan Fry Pot Stickers


As I got a few questions on how to make dumplings with a golden brown bottom (aka pot stickers), I made a short photo-tutorial on pan frying pot stickers last week. I love love love pot stickers. I like steamed dumplings too, but there’s just something about that delicious crispy bottom that’s got me addicted… Oh my gosh, really… Dunk it in some super acidic red vinegar and I’m a happy girl. #foodgasm! 😉 Anyway, although this technique seems quite difficult, it’s actually really easy. The most important part is: Watch out for hot splatters when adding water!!! I can’t stress this enough. Making pot stickers is not dangerous, but you have to know what you’re doing and be careful. Please ask help from someone more experienced in cooking if you’re not sure. 


Good luck and let me know if you’ve got questions!


My Linh

What’s your favorite way to eat dumplings? Steamed, boiled, pan-fried, deep fried? Leave a comment down below 🙂


2 thoughts on “How To: Pan Fry Pot Stickers

  1. Very clear, thank you. I guess steamed (such a long time ago) because everything stays so delicioussly soft. Splatters right, also with grilling stuff you get attacked by oil spats.

    1. Glad you understand the steps 😀 I love steamed too. In addition, it’s a bit healthier than pan frying 😛 Definitely have to remember the splatters if you ever do this! Oil-splatter-scars are not nice 🙁 [scars in general actually…]

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