Life in Photos #3


Woah.. it has been a while since my last life in photos! Last time, I mostly shared foodporn with you guys. This time, I have a few more person(al) photos too 🙂 Curious for my indoor picknick, selfies or just more foodporn?

First is our improv picknick. (photo above) Sometimes the weather’s just not that good. (Especially when you live in The Netherlands.) That’s when you have to get creative. We decided for a romantic indoor picknick with plenty of snacks (so lucky my so loves food too) and drinks ♥

I saw an image on 9gag once that said something like “If other people knew what best friends talk about, they’d think they’re crazy”. This image was part of our group-Whatsapp: We were fun-fighting through photos. This is supposed to be my cool awesomeness tough “I shoot you” -pose ^^” Seriously, we have convo’s about the weirdest things.. :’)

On Valentines Day (but not for Valentines Day) me and my bf went out for dinner at a local fanschyy restaurant named “Smaeck“. It’s kind of a fine dining restaurant. This was dessert: Nutella cake with cornflakes pannacotta, cocoa “dirt” and drops of dulce leche. I’ll share my review on this restaurant with you guys soon. (On a tight schedule atm…)

Healthy protein pancake testing! Loooveee any kind of pancake with maple syrup. Oh also, I remembered last minute to take a picture. Hence the practically-crumb-size-pancake-leftover… ^^”

3-day-migraine selfie.. xD I almost slept 3 days straight! This selfie was basically the only thing I did those 3 days. Besides the excessive sleeping of course.. ^^”

One of my favorite savoury snacks: Chio Cheese Flippers. These are seriously giant cheese flippers with so.much.crunch! If you’re a cheese chips lover, this will be totally up your alley. In The Netherlands it’s available in most supermarkets. Try it! I’m not kidding about the crunch. Really. 😉


Also, the Dutch weather has been good lately, so I decided to go for a very very long walk. Catch up on my vit D and such.. (Okay, also to burn of the dumplings and green tea muffins I’ve been binging on..) This is a shot from Groningen’s major park (Noorderplantsoen). It was so nice to see so much sun again :3

With that first bit of sun, also came a big tub of ice cream (obviously). I’m not much of an ice-cream eater, but this is my absolute favorite! Better than Ben and Jerry’s ♥_♥ (Don’t kill me) It’s from the Dutch supermarket “Albert Heijn” (AH). It’s super creamy, has caramel swirls and so many pieces of caramelized pecans! If I wasn’t lactose-intolerant, I’d grub the whole tub. Not kidding.

For last, these amazing super-delicious meat stuffed tofu (aka Yong Tau Fu). This is one of my favorite dishes! My dad taught me how to make this and I’m so addicted!! My bf too btw. We could eat this all day. ♥______♥ I’ll share the recipe soon so you guys can try it too 😀

And thaaat’s it! Life in Photos #3. As you can see, my life is mostly filled with food. (No worries, I work out too. Can’t binge and expect to stay healthy without any effort, right?)  I hope our weather will get even better in the next few months, so I can share more happy outdoor-photos with you guys 😀  Thank you for being a part of my life ^^


My Linh

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8 thoughts on “Life in Photos #3

  1. Haven’t seen those chips before, but do like a cheese puff once in a while (you know, the whole bag in one take). Horrible migraine, hope you don’t get the quite as often. Oh and heard about nutella cakes, it’s a bit of a rage at the moment.

    1. Unfortunately, I know very well what you mean with ‘the whole bag in one take’ :’) The migraine’s come and go whenever they like so I’ll just have to live with it. It could’ve been a lot worse of course 🙂 And I agree, nutella cakes are a bit of a rage. I haven’t had a really good one yet though 🙁

    1. Hahaha.. yeah, that’s my life: food ^^” You dislike cheese?! You must be one of the few Dutch who dislike cheese :O :O Cheese flippers are my absolute guilty pleasure chips. How about yours?

      1. Yeah…. one of my friends is Turkish and she always makes jokes about me being a dutchie who dislikes cheese. Meh, I love the Chippito’s en Hamkaas chips but cheese for on bread *yikes*

        1. Haha I guess Dutchies will always be associated with cheese ^^” The chips I had are like chippito’s, but bigger and crunchier. So.good. <3 And I guess cheese on bread is okay, but I feel like there are yummier things to put on my bread 😉 (MELTY cheese is my guilty pleasure though)

  2. I hope you feel better now ^^ Love the indoor picknick, I did that once with my friends as well when it was raining :p The ice cream looks yummy. I would eat the whole thing if it was in my house though, so better not get that started ._.

    1. Thank you! I do feel better now 🙂 Indoor picknicks are awesome 😀 It sounds a bit lame, but it can be so much fun. And yeah, be careful with this ice cream.. It’s sooooo addicting!! I could devour a whole tub if I wasn’t lactose intolerant hahaha 😛

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