Life in Photos #4

Gosh, turning this blog into a bilingual blog is so much more work than I expected! I have a hard time translating English to Dutch (even though Dutch is my native language… ^^”) Therefor, everything’s taking a bit more time than I expected, but I hope you guys have little more patience.. 🙂 In the mean time, I’ll try to update a bit more too. Past few weeks have been hectic. I went to my first wedding (excluding the one I was present at when I was about 4), baked, turned ¼-centuries old, got lovely presents and ate away hehe… Today’s Life in Photos #4!

First, the wedding! What canI say? It was super fancy!! The bride and groom even arrived by helicopter… ‘nough said, right? Unfortunately, I’m really not that good at being fancy. I prefer jeans and a comfy sweater, but that wasn’t the dress code. Thankfully, I managed. And the most important part? Yup, the bride looked absolutely stunning

A few days after the wedding I went for a lunch with Lissy. We decided to try something new and went to “Het Concerthuis”. Unfortunately, their menu consisted mainly of vegetarian/vegan food. I love meat. However, I decided to try out their mini falafel pitas and Liss’ had some lamb skewers (the only meat on the menu). The flavor was great, but luckily we ordered a side of homemade fries too, because I was still hungry after finishing the pitas in a few quick bites XD The mayonaise was lovely by the way.

For my birthday (and my sister’s birthday, 6 days after mine), we went for Japanese ramen at “Ramen-ya” in Amsterdam. I love love love anything noodles. ♥_♥ I had the sesame chicken, my sisters had the kimchi ramen, and my boyfriend and my sister’s boyfriend had “Hakata”. My boyfriend ate the “Mount Fuji”-version of the Hakata ramen, which is a GIANT (seriously) bowl of ramen. He got a spot on the wall of fame for finishing the whole bowl within a reasonable amount of time. Thumbs up!

In addition to the birthday lunch, I also got a couple of cool present. My younger sister gave me this beautiful bag. She also bought me a book from my childhood I was dieing to get: Jip & Janneke. Anyone know this? When I was little I was so excited over this book; I got it at the library when I couldn’t even read yet hahaha.. I just knew the stories by heart and pretended to read :’) #nerdalert Anyway, my other sister gave me a carkit as the one I currently have is half-broken-ish ^^”. My dad gave me money and my boyfriend gave me a trip to Antwerpen! (so excited for this one) Lissy got me a gift certificate for any restaurant. Food is always good, right? 😉

Also, I recently started learning Korean again. This time I want to do it properly. I’m even looking for a Korean penpall 😀 I just love the Korean language and as you guys might know I love South-Korea in general. Our Seoul-trip last year totally confirmed it. Oh and I’m also completely HOOKED on this new Korean drama: “Healer“. I already finished all episodes, but the drama is SO GOOD that I’m re-watching. (And Ji Chang Wook is so handsome ♥_♥) You can stream the drama here. Try it! Just hearing the theme-song already makes me smile. So awesome.

Finally, some baked goodies. I owe you guys the recipe for these cute piggy cake pops, the creamy bunny/cat (haven’t decided what they look like yet) cakepops and the recipe for these buttery vanilla ring cookies. I made the cake pops for my dad to give away to kids of his customers. They absolutely loved it! Some even said it was too cute to eat 😀 As for the cookies, my colleagues devoured the whole batch. Completely.gone.


My Linh

What did you guys do these past few weeks? Leave your instagram username in the comments so I can stalk ya! 😉

8 thoughts on “Life in Photos #4

  1. Ah you two look so cute and dressy with matching red colour. The veil looks very long and helicopter – you’re moving in the big leagues o_O. Such sweet pops, love mount Fuji sized dinners ^-^! Yes I know that book, lots of fun and childhood memories!

    1. Awww thank you, Jasmine! He made his tie match with my dress 😀 Haha the bride is moving in the big leagues 😛 The wedding was in Belgium by the way; near the border (Lanaken?) Everybody who knows Dutch knows Jip and Janneke, right? I love the sweet short stories ^^ Hope you’re having an awesome time in Australia! (So jealous 😉 )

  2. First of all, happy birthday!! You looked absolutely stunning at the wedding! ^_^ Also, you always make me crave food!! The ramen look awesome. My mom usually cooks the thicker ones, but I really want some of those thin ones now *_* Jip en Janneke was life! Especially the HEMA goodies they have (in particular the yoghurtrozijnen, omg). Love your little cakepops, they are adorable. Where can I hire you? 😉

    1. Thank you, Olivia! I had a blast 😀 Haha I hear that a lot (That I make people crave food). The ramen was really good. Unfortunately, it’s so far away from where I live T_T Jip and Janneke is awesome, right? I still love it. Childhoodmemories… <3 awesomeness. Also, I will gladly make you some cakepops 😉

  3. ALSO. I am so putting Healer on my to-watch list. It looks AWESOMEEE. Although, I kind of do need to finish Liar Game (I started watching that quite a few months ago but got stuck somewhere in the middle) and Empress of China. But it’s so long and kind of slow ;-;

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