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Hello everyone! About a year ago I graduated from University and started an actual job. Although I miss having less responsibilities, being a “grown up” also has its good sides: Now that I earn more money, I can save up for bigger -more expensive- things. Even though I don’t expect to buy expensive things any time soon, I still thought it would be fun to share my longterm wishlist with you guys. 

1. Vanity Mirror

A while back we moved into our current apartment. At that moment, my priorities were basic necessities in the house. Now that we’ve settled and have the basic things we need, I want to get started with my getaway-place in the house. I found these vanity mirrors on a Dutch webshop and wish to buy one in a few months.

2. Canon 70D Body

I’ve had my current camera (Canon 600D) for quite a while now. At the moment, it’s still working properly, but I expect the camera to deteriorate within a few years. Therefor, every now and then, I put a bit of money aside for the day I want to hop over to my next level camera, Canon 70D. This baby will be mine when I hand over € 839,- to the camera shop. Ouch…

3. Kitchen Aid 6L

Ever since I started baking “for real”, I’ve wanted a kitchen aid mixer. I’ve drooled over this machine many many times. My current kitchen has a bit more space than the one in my student apartment, but it’s still quite small. Therefor, I think it’s best to wait until we buy a house. Until then, I’ll just save up little by little. This red 6L kitchen aid is going to cost me € 999,-. 

4. Volkswagen Golf

The most expensive one of all and the one that’s probably going to take the longest to get. My current car (VW Polo) is nearing the age of 10. Right now, the car is still taking me everywhere I need to go without troubles so I think I still have quite some time to save for a new car. However, we all know that cars can be quite unreliable sometimes and with my daily tours to work, this car is bound to give up some day. I’d rather be safe than sorry so I better start saving!

These were the items on my longterm wishlist. I’m not sure which I want to buy first and I don’t even know if I’m going to buy any of these at all, but I guess it’s always good to think ahead and to have goals too.

What’s the most expensive item on your wishlist?

P.S: Did you know there’s a FACEBOOK PAGE for Writing Temptations now?

8 thoughts on “My Longterm Wishlist

  1. Maybe work some overhours for these 😛 the most expensive item on my list – haven’t really made one lately but who knows, Sinterklaas is around the corner so I should take advantage of that 😀

    1. Haha unfortunately I don’t get paid overtime ^^” But I will work hard 😀 It will only make me be more proud when I reach my goal 🙂 And you should definitely get your wishlist ready for Sinterklaas 😉 I’m curious what’s in your top 3 😀

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