Everybody Starts At 0 | MINDFUL MONDAY


A while back, I was doing groceries. The cashier was a young boy who seemed to be new to the job. He was quite slow at the job, which annoyed the people in line. In addition, he spent quite some time finding the cash register code for the lemon I wanted to buy. After a while I noticed a small barcode on the sticker on the lemon. When I pointed this out, the guy in line after me snorted and mumbled something in the sense of “can you believe it?!”. He was laughing at the boy and I couldn’t help but feel annoyed. The arrogance. Had the guy in line never been new to something? Aren’t we all born as helpless babies? Or was he born a full grown man with experience and skills? I doubt it. So in situations where you’re the more experienced one, remember that you were once the less experienced person. When you’re the less experienced one, remember you can only become the more experienced one over time and effort no matter what other people say or do. Everybody starts at 0.

4 thoughts on “Everybody Starts At 0 | MINDFUL MONDAY

    1. Totally agree. Skills improve with time and practice, but personality is a lot more difficult. Aren’t we all slow at first? But it’s hard work that makes us better 😀

  1. Mooi gezegd en helemaal mee eens. Beneden peil als iemand zo reageert. Het zegt meer over hem dan over de jongen achter de kassa.

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