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Judging people is something we do daily. Whether it’s about big stuff or small stuff, we’re all guilty. It’s a habit we have to (mostly) protect ourselves. To protect ourselves from being hurt. Now, I don’t want to talk about why you should or shouldn’t judge, but I want to talk about asking questions before you judge. Often when we judge, we do it based on our perceptions; what we see, what we feel or even what we “sense” about a person. Sense, like we can predict the future. But in reality, we can never know what the truth is unless we ask (without judgement). For example: you meet a new person and you feel like that person is not nice to you. Instinct tells us: this person is not a nice person. However, we might forget to consider something else could be going on:

  1. He/she is having a bad day
  2. He/she has the wrong impression of you (also judgement)
  3. He/she didn’t mean it the way she said it/you interpreted it wrong.

And so on. There could be thousands of explanations, but you can only know the real reason when you ask. There’s always a reason behind people’s behavior. Sometimes it’s hurt, sometimes it’s anxiety and sometimes it’s simply miscommunication. If you judge without knowing the facts, you might miss amazing things in life for all the wrong reasons. So before you judge, remember to ask.

2 thoughts on “Ask Before You Judge | MINDFUL MONDAY

  1. Have to admit I do catch myself judging someone before knowing them >< But I've become more aware of it lately! That's making progress right 😀 (BUT my instinct is always right when it comes to restaurants. When my gut tells me this restaurant isn't any good and my friends drag me along to my protest, the gut is always right and i whisper 'told you so')

    1. We all judge. I wouldn’t believe it if someone says they don’t. Sometimes we need judgement. Also, awareness is the first step to improvement so go you!! 😀 It’s not bad if you judge restaurants imo. In fact, i do that too!

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