Find Solutions Within You | MINDFUL MONDAY


How often are you annoyed or frustrated by situations? Annoyed or frustrated because you feel like someone in your life should change or do something (for you). What if I’d tell you that blaming the other person is not the solution. What if I’d tell you the solution is you. Yes, you. Let me explain.

Usually when we’re annoyed or frustrated, it’s because there’s a situation we can’t control. Atleast, that’s what we think. Indeed, in most of these situations you can’t control the outcome to become what you had in mind, your expectation. But you can control the situation to become one that doesn’t annoy you.

For example: You’re upset with someone because he/she won’t change a bad habit. Now, keep in mind there are many reasons why the habit hasn’t changed: won’t, can’t, not ready… But all these things are not in your power to change. So instead of being upset and trying to control something that isn’t within your power, you need to make a choice: 

  • get over it/learn to live with it
  • confront that person and talk about it
  • let that person be/move on

Each of these choices have pro’s and con’s. They might not be ideal, they’re probably not what you expected, but they are in your control. Therefor, they’re the only solutions you can pick from. Pick a solution you can live with, stick with it and don’t complain about it. Take responsibility for your actions. And if you do complain about it, maybe the solution you picked isn’t the one you actually want. Should you not choose any of the solutions thus choose to stay frustrated, then you should realize the other person is not to blame for your emotions. The solution lies within you.

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