My Virtual Suitcase


I should be packing my suitcase (or something like that) at the moment, but instead I started writing this post. Yay for procastination! To make myself feel a bit less guilty, I’ve decided to write a suitcase-related post haha.. I’m going to pack my virtual suitcase in this post and will shoot some photos to add to this post when I actually start packing my suitcase (later on tomorrow). This weekend (probably last weekend when I get this post online) I’m going to Stockholm for a few days 🎉🎉

1. Beauty products

Shampoo, showergel, toothpaste(!! need my Aquafresh), make-up remover and a toothbrush.. The whole shabam. Because we’re going with a European flight, we’re not allowed to bring check-in suitcases (unless we pay extra for it). This mean we can only bring liquids <100 mL and everything should fit in a 1L bag! Are you kidding me? I need 100mL of shampoo for just one shower 😂😂

2. Pants, shorts and shirts

According to the weather forecast it’s going to be warm but stormy. Warm=shorts, storm=pants. What to do?! Bring both. Yup, let’s keep it easy. No wonder my suitcases are always overloaded haha..


3. Make-up stuff

Because of the trip is only for a few day, I decided to leave my brushes home. Too much hassle. I’ll just have to work my finger-magic. That sounds so weird, I know. I am weird mmkay… As for make-up: I’ll be bringing foundation, my favorite blush, Benefit’s highlighter, a pitch black liner and (ofcourse) mascara. That’s it.

4. Flipflops

Nope, not to walk on outside, but flipflops for the bathroom. Say whut? Yup, bathroom. Weird fact about My Linh: I have major mysophobia when it comes to bathrooms other than mine. I just can’t walk bare feet into a strange bathroom. It doesn’t matter how clean (dirty does matter btw) looks. Brrr.. Just the idea! Who’s with me?

5. Underwear and socks

Last but definitely not least: underwear and socks. Here’s another weird fact about me: I bring a crazy amount of underwear and socks when I go on vacation. About twice as much as I actually need. I feel like you can never bring too much underwear and socks. Also, underwear and socks don’t take a lot of space so it’s all good.

And that’s it. Of course I’ll be bringing my meds and electronics, but I’ll put those in my handbag. I’m not bringing a lot of stuff (right?), but I think it’s plenty for a long weekend trip.

Where are you heading soon?


2 thoughts on “My Virtual Suitcase

  1. Weather reports, am I right 😉 Instead of making life easier… Venice, but not till the end of August. Have a nice weekend in Stockholm or hope it was if it didn’t already (kinda confused but sending happy vibes anyways ^^ )

    1. Haha yes, can’t live with them, can’t live without. Stockholm was great. We ended up with mostly sun and a bit of rain (but I didn’t mind). Also, Venice sounds great! I’m looking forward to your pictures. It’s supposed to be magically beautiful over there. And don’t worry, it will be the end of August before you know it. Trust me. P.S: You seem to be visiting a lot of nice places lately. I love it 😀 Living the life.

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