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Hi guys! Are you enjoying the summer? Or has school already started? Since I graduated, I have no clue when the official vacations start and end hehe… What have you guys been up to? I’ve been working all summer. Also, I’ve been trying to keep up with my “4 times a week gym-schedule”: 1 x cardio, 1 x legs, 1 x back and 1x arms. (I train abs after every workout.) So far my training is going pretttyy well 😀


Anyway, to get some extra motivation, I bought myself a new pair of training shoes a few weeks ago. To be honest, I’ve had the old ones since middle school (almost 10 years!!!) so I was actually in dire need of new ones. (Also, my younger sister told me the old ones were ugly and made my feet look enormous… Thanks sis ^^”) After a bit of trying on, I decided to go for these Nike Thea’s in a bright pink color. I believe bright trainers are “in” at the moment? I see all hippy-dippy people at the gym wearing them. (Not the reason I went for bright pink by the way.)

These Nike’s are super light and very comfortable. Especially for running/cardio. I use them on weight-lifting-days too and haven’t had any problems so far. In addition, the shape of these trainers are perfect too; I have quite big feet, which I’m a bit too conscious about, so I’m always looking for shoes that make my feet look smaller (or at least don’t make them look bigger). These make my feet look small (and elegant lol). I have a European-size 40 by the way (#tmi).


These Nike’s were €125, which is quite normal for a good pair of trainers. Other colors of the same model were €120 (don’t ask me why). I know €125 might seem expensive, but I see it as an investment. The shoes are sturdy, comfortable and I expect them to go a long way. If you’re really serious about the gym, make sure to invest in some quality shoes that were made for training/sports. (Converse are not for working out people!! Zero support.) Trust me your feet (and back/posture) will thank you. And to be quite honest, good shoes don’t have to be as expensive as €125. I just really loved these 😛


Which shoes do you wear to the gym? Are you in dire need of new ones?

6 thoughts on “New In: Nike Trainingshoes

  1. The colour is awesome!! Ugh, so acctive – such a reminder that I’m not :S Good training shoes are essentiel, expensive but better that than blisters and wrong support. Hihi that’s what family is for 🙂

    1. Thanks, Jaamine! Definitely agree on the blisters xD I used to be super lazy, but after I pushed through for a couple of months it got a whole lot easier ^^

  2. Oooo, good job on the training!! I need to start soon too, but.. I’m so lazy XD They look awesome! And super bright! Usually I’m not that into bright colors for clothes, but when it comes to work-out clothes, I’m a walking rainbow 😀

    1. Thank you, Olivia. I do my best and hope to keep it up ^^ And don’t worry the start is the most difficult part for everyone ^^” Also, walking rainbows are awesome 😉

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