OOTD: Off to work


Last week my dear friend Lissy from StraightToThe. started a OOTD frenzy. It inspired me to get off my big butt to shoot some photos too. I always want to shoot OOTD’s, but I feel really awkward posing in front of the camera so I end up postponing every single time haha.. Anyway, I love OOTD’s because I don’t have much of a fashion sense. Whenever I find a combination I like, I tend to wear it quite -if not too- often ^^” A few weeks ago I went to Belgium and shopped this new outfit, which I’m loving at the moment. It’s casual yet sophisticated so I can wear it to work.

off_to_work01_02 off_to_work01_05 off_to_work01_07

The blazer is super comfortable and very warm, which is great considering the current weather in The Netherlands hehe… The shirt is actually the first bright-colored item in my wardrobe; I tend to go for dark colors (preferably black) ^^” I got both items from Zara in Belgium. The pants are just simple black pants from Bershka. I love Bershka pants and jeans. They’re really stretchy, fit me perfectly and cost about €20 – €30! So awesome. The shoes are from Germany.

off_to_work01_04 off_to_work01_06 off_to_work01_03

What do you wear to work?

Blue Knitted Blazer – Zara

Yellow Top – Zara

Black Pants – Bershka

Shoes – Unknown Store in Germany

5 thoughts on “OOTD: Off to work

  1. I love it! The combination of mustard yellow and navy blue is perfect and I think we have jeans-samesies 😛 The light is top notch! For work I wear those pants and a cotton top – doesn’t really matter because of the work shirts we get.

    1. Thank you, Jasmine 🙂 Hahaha jeans-twinsieesss~~~ They’re so comfortable, right? What’s your work shirt like? I feel like they usually design those shirts for work to be ugly on purpose -___- The outfit I had to wear when I still worked at a fastfood restaurant was so ugly horrible hahaha…

      1. Super comfortable, actually bought them to work in (to ban the possible bum cleavage 😛 ). Completely oversized lightblue and loose, but I actually don’t mind that much. Rather have a larger size than the slim model in which you feel the backchills when bending.This one is pretty okay, used to wear a horizontal striped one in the most unflattering colours :S

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