15 Things I Miss About Mom

1. I miss her warm pancakes.
When I was little she would often make a plate of Dutch pancakes (like crêpes) and put the plate on top of the radiator to keep the pancakes warm until I got home.

2. I miss her love for flowers and plants.
Although I’m not much of a flower lover, I miss her love and enthusiasm for flowers. She cared for her flowers and plants like they were her children.

3. I miss her after-dinner apples.
My mom would always cut up some fruit after dinner. They were often apples but I loved the occasional orange too. Read more

Vegetarian Spicy Noodle Buns

Fluffy buns filled with a (slightly) spicy vegetarian filling made with chewy Korean noodles, napa cabbage and carrot.

I don’t know why but I don’t make homemade bread very often. Maybe it’s because my current kitchen is too small for proper bread kneading. However, a few weeks ago I got this crazy idea for buns with noodles in my head. The buns were inspired by vegetarian hotteok I had in Seoul a few years ago. Hotteok are fried stuffed pancakes. The ones I had, were stuffed with veggies and noodles. As I was craving that filling in a bun I decided to do some experimenting in my kitchen. If you love veggies, these buns will totally become your thing.

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