Flavored Water from Sourcy, Spa and AH | TASTE TEST

Video’s are in Dutch

Flavored water has been getting quite a bit of attention lately. We bought a bottle from Sourcy, Spa and one from Albert Heijn to see if this expensive water is worth the hype. Does Sourcy water really taste like raspberries? Or does it taste like a strongly diluted lemonade? We put it to the test! Read more

Pound Cake with Vanilla (Old Fashioned and Easy)

Basic vanilla pound cake. This cake is buttery and dense with a soft crumb. A simple cake that goes well with tea time. You can serve this cake with whipped cream and fruits but the cake is just as good as-is.

Pound Cake Recipe, Moist, Dense and Easy!

Have you ever wondered how difficult it is to make a buttery pound cake?

I’ll show you the answer in today’s recipe. Today’s recipe is a personal favorite of mine. If you know me, I’m a fan of simple, yet delicious, food. This vanilla pound cake is one of those foods. And did you know you only need a couple of basic ingredients to make this artisan pound cake? There are no chemical leaveners! The secret to this buttery, dense cake recipe is the technique. By beating the butter and sugar until light and fluffy, small bubbles are created in this cake. Although the cake is dense, it absolutely isn’t dry. Read more

Beating Butter And Sugar Until Creamy | HOW TO

Video’s are in Dutch

In recipes with butter, you’re usually told to beat the butter and sugar until light (fluffy,) and creamy. If you beat the butter well, you can make the lightest cakes. From a simple pound cake to light, buttery cupcakes. When I just started baking, I didn’t really know what “beating until light” meant. What was the right technique and how could I till if it was “light and fluffy” enough? Because I couldn’t really find a good video back then, I decided to make my own. Read more

Vegan Curry Wraps

Creamy curry wraps stuffed with vegetables. These wraps are Asian-inspired and are the perfect make-ahead lunch. The wraps taste even better the next day because the flavors are more infused into the chickpeas.

I’ve got a make-ahead lunch idea for you guys today. And it’s vegan! Yup, again. I’ve shared quite some vegan recipes with you guys (brownies, sushi, frappucino) so far but I’ve got to tell you I’m not vegan (yet) though. Currently, I don’t believe in a “one-way”-diet. I like to eat healthy by eating different kinds of meals; sometimes I eat vegan, sometimes vegetarian and on other days I eat meat/fish/poultry. I was inspired to create this recipe when I wanted to make a satisfying on-the-go meal for my dear little sister. She tries to eat vegan most of the time so I was determined to make a delicious vegan meal for her. I’m happy to say, she liked the wraps. Even my bf liked these wraps! And therefor, I need to share it with you guys too. 

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