Coconut Sago with Mango (Vegan and Gluten free!)

A delicious creamy, chewy, sweet ánd refreshing coconut dessert with tapioca pearls and ice cold cubes of mango. Who needs an airplane to fly to the tropics, when each bite of this super easy dessert will take you there in an instant! Great as a gluten free and vegan alternative.

Hello beloved foodies 🙂 How is everyone doing? I’m actually doing quite well. As you might’ve noticed I’ve been quite busy doing other stuff than blogging. This week I’m entering the last three weeks of my time as a student (I’m expecting to pass this last course, anyway…). It’s scary and exciting at the same time! But surprises are what makes life fun, right? Just like Read more

Chocolate Banana Cupcake with Cappuccino Frosting

Very soft and super moist chocolate banana cupcakes, topped with a thick layer of creamy and fluffy cappuccino buttercream. Just like bakery-cupcakes (but better).

Last week I went home early from my internship twice! Now, I’m not the kind of person that calls in sick that easy, but the headache was horrible. Currently, I’m writing a headache-diary for my doctor so we can finally determine what kind of headache this really is and what treatment I need. And boy, do I need a treatment. I’ve slept (well, tossed and turned while laying in the dark really..) over 24 hours in two days to get over the headache xD That’s 50% loss of time, people! I could’ve been baking.. or even better: eating 😛 On top of that,  Read more

Pinterest Food Favorites 02

Do you love the food I´ve been loving on Pinterest too?

Oh gosh, it’s been a while since my first Pinterest Food Favorites. I’ve been too busy making and sharing my own foodporn, that I forgot to do some sharing too! We all know: sharing is caring, right? 😉 If you haven’t gotten to it yet, Read more

Lemon Glazed Vanilla Pound Cake

Soft and buttery vanilla pound cake balanced with just that right amount of tangy lemon glaze.

This weekend’s weather was amazing! Sun, sun and.. uhm, did I mention sun? To celebrate it, we decided to have a lazy weekend: lazy food, lazy drinks, a very sunny balcony ánd an amazing boyfriend! What more could a girl ask for? ♥ It’s the little things we should enjoy, right?

Anyway, although I was enjoying my lazy time, I managed to do some baking too! Yes, baking is included in relaxation-time 😉 As I roamed the fridge for leftover ingredients, I found  Read more

Gluten free crumble cookies

Gluten free vanilla cookies with a very crumbly texture. These cookies have a delicious meringue-like texture and melt on your tongue like butter.

Last week my friend sent me a picture of her homemade “Gomma cookies“. She told me, the recipe for her thick crumbly cookies finds its origin in Surinam. As a response, I told her I was going to make cornstarch cookies: very crumbly merginue-like vanilla cookies, also from Surinam. Little did I know that Read more