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Do you love the food I´ve been loving on Pinterest too?

Oh gosh, it’s been a while since my first Pinterest Food Favorites. I’ve been too busy making and sharing my own foodporn, that I forgot to do some sharing too! We all know: sharing is caring, right? 😉 If you haven’t gotten to it yet, please join my journey of food-obsession by following my Pinterest. Oh and don’t forget to share YOUR pinterest with me in the comments down below. Anyways, enough of this rambling.. on to the goodies.

Banana Cream Pie Cupcakes Okay, so I have to admit that banana isn’t really my favorite fruit to eat. I’d rather have a bowl of strawberries or cherries. Yum! However, when turned into banana cream pie CUPCAKES(!!!)… Man, you could wake me up in the middle of the night for this..

The Perfect Dark Chocolate Sugar Cookie My, oh my.. these dark chocolate sugar cookies sure do look perfect: Perfectly cut, perfect color and I bet there’s a perfect crunch too! Who has time to make and send me some? 😉

Cinnamon Rolls Have I told you Cinnamon Rolls are my guilty pleasure? Place a batch in front of me and I’ll devour the lot in a second. Soft, sweet, gooey... Oh, this photo has got me drooling all over my keyboard!

The Very Best Waffles Although my kitchen is already jammed with techy-techy and other stuff, this photo makes me want to buy a waffle iron.. Skip the butter and head to some ice cream. I mean seriously, imagine these with a huge scoop of good quality vanilla ice cream! No one can resist. I’m sure of it.

Healthified Creamy Vanilla Caramel Cheesecake There’s nothing -uhm.. okay, maybe almost nothing- that contains caramel and doesn’t taste good. Combine it with cheesecake, add ‘healthified’ and ‘creamy’ and I’m sold.

And that’s it folks! I won’t torture you with any more foodporn (for today anyway). Visit the blogs of each linked amazing food blogger to get the recipe for these yummilicious desserts. I’m pretty sure you want to make one of these (or maybe two.. or three ^_~). Have a lovely day!


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4 thoughts on “Pinterest Food Favorites 02

  1. Perfect Dark Chocolate Sugar Cookie, the name says it all. Love chocolate and sugar is so addictive. Find the cinnamon rolls in Starbucks and Ikea heavenly, especially with some hot cocoa!

    1. Haha I know, eh! The name says enough 😉 I’m a cinnamon roll L-O-V-E-R 😛 Could devour a whole batch in one sitting.. no joke ^^” That cup of hot cocoa sounds great too! Especially on rainy (cold) days <3

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