Seoul 2014 – 63 city, Sea World, cracking floor and drinks


Ohh I just can’t stop rambling about Seoul, can I? There are so many experiences to share with you guys! I hope you’re not getting bored from Seoul 2014. Today’s part 2 on 63 city. This time we’re heading towards Sea World and Sky Art. There’s a cracking floor involved and a video on our first iced coffee drink from the convenience store! Interested?

So after the Wax Museum, we went for Sea World. (We wanted to save Sky Art for last so we could enjoy the view without having to go to another activity.) In The Netherlands, we already have something like Sea World but this experience was still a lot of fun! Besides seeing animals, we also tried the Dr. Fish experience. Dr Fish, you know, those fishies that eat your dead skin? I did NOT like the feeling of fishes nibbling on my fingers.

Give momma a kiss~~ hehe…


The most memorable part of Sea World was a fake-cracking ice floor. This was seriously so scary. For me anyway. (I’m such a scaredy-cat.. ^^” ) Although I KNEW it was just a sound they were playing, walking on ‘ice’, looking down on animals swimming in the water and hearing that sound…it felt like the floor was really going to crack. I’m not kidding. There was a girl crying, because her mom went on the cracking ice (which was cute/funny and sad at the same time). Needless to say, I wanted to get off asap. And yes, my boyfriend laughed at me because I was scared of a sound :’) We didn’t manage to capture the effect well on camera (phone), but here’s a short clip:  



After the zoo, we had decided to sit down for a while, which was easy because the building has plenty of places to sit. And so this became the place where we tried these to-go iced coffee from the convenience store. The place where we became obsessed with these (unhealthy) iced coffee’s! To be honest, the coffee itself isn’t that special, but we liked this so much because these kinds of drinks can’t be found in The Netherlands. It was just cool to try something new 😀 And hey, enjoy the little things, right? 



We ended our 63-experience with 63 Sky Art, which was at the 60th floor of the building. Besides enjoying the art, we also got to enjoy the beautiful view. Although 63 building is less tall than N-Seoul Tower, I feel like the view was better from this building. To compare: N-Seoul Tower was a view of the city Seoul, while from 63 building you’re looking upon the area around the Han River. From 63 building the view was more detailed and therefor, simply amazing (Who’s singing that Trey Songz song with me right now? XD ). This view’s something I’ll never forget….

Still unbelievable…


My Linh

P.S: Missing Seoul a lot right now.

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