Seoul 2014 – A toy story


In Seoul, toy stores are one of the things that caught our attention. The first “toy store” we ran into, was e-mart’s toy section. After we saw what kind of toys they sold, we decided to give Toys-R-Us, the Gundam Base and a couple of small toy stores a visit too 😉 And we didn’t just visit the stores for a look… No m’dears, we actually brought some stuff back home too! Because it left such an impression, I thought I’d do a little blog about the toy stores today.

When we entered the toy store, we were amazed at the kind of toys they had. Of course there’s the usual stuffed animals and Lego-kind of items (any kid loves those, classics), but there are also so many types of toys you just wouldn’t find in Europe. One of those toys were kits, food kits! These kits are complete (clay) kits to make things like donuts, sushi and cakes. I even saw a dumpling kit! (OMG, had to stop myself from buying that big adorable box.. it wouldn’t have fit in my suitcase ^^”)

Besided the girl-girly toys, there was a whole lot of fun for boys too: As I was drooling over the many, many cool kits I would’ve loved to have as a kid, my boyfriend could be found at the Gundam model displays -nose practically pressed against the glass-. He didn’t care for the usual stuff (he’s too old for guns, cars etc. obviously xD), but I did find him hugging a new Gundam robot box in every toy store we visited. Boys will be boys ^^”

Visiting the toys stores was a great addition to our vacation. We both loved strolling around the aisles full of toys and loved drooling over the beautiful displays. And no, there was no age-awkwardness, because all toy stores were filled with grown men plastered to the displays and checking out the models with gleaming eyes. We even saw a 30+ year old man leaving the store hugging a (non-gift-wrapped!) big box with a Gundam bot in it. Visiting the toy stores temporarily made us feel like we were kids with no worries. The perfect feeling for vacation. It’s a feeling we forget too often when we grow up… ♥

E-mart Yeongdeungpo

Toys-R-Us locations in Korea

Gundam Base locations (We went to Gundam Base at Yongsang station, located in I-Park mall)

8 thoughts on “Seoul 2014 – A toy story

  1. met zulke awesome toys, denk ik toch wel dat mijn ”inner-child” altijd blijft leven haha ^^ Super leuke artikel! Trouwens, ik heb zo’n gevoel dat je daar weinig van die girly teen make up poppen hebt, zoals bratz, monsterhigh, polly ect. en juist meer van die cute dingen, klopt dat? ;o

    1. Haha mijn inner child ook 😀 er zijn wel poppen zoals bratz (geen polly gezien trouwens), maar er zijn veeeel leukere toys! dat vind ik tenminste ^^” bij de meisjes afdeling is alles iig goed roze gekleurd 😛

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