Seoul 2014 – Arrival, transportation and first impression

안녕하세요~~~, hi guys! How is everyone doing? First, I want to apologize for leaving my blog without notice. A couple of months ago I left for an amazing vacation in Asia, but I didn’t want to post the absence from our home on the internet for security reasons. About 1,5 months ago, we left The Netherlands and traded the rainy days for 5,5 weeks of (mostly) sun in Seoul, Jakarta and Bali! I’ve been working hard and saving lots during my 6 years of university, and let me tell you: this was exactly the kind of relaxation I needed. I’m filled up on energy, drained from stress and stuffed with inspiration too ♥

So, what’s up? I just started my job as an actual for-real-pharmacist (Oh-em-geez!) a few weeks ago. So currently, I’m busy learning the real deal. As we got back not too long ago, I’m also catching up with all our loved ones. Additionally, I have quite some work to do around the house. As you can see, I’ve been quite busy doing a whole lot of things but blogging. However, today I’m back to share some hightlights of our vacation. As it was quite a long vacation, I will share my stories in parts and try to add in some shoplogs (Including toys! Yes, toys.. XD) and recipes for you guys too (just to keep ye from snoozing) 😛 Today is Summer 2014, part 1:


Take-off from Amsterdam was scheduled around 9.30 pm. The flight was the regular, except for the fact that the flight attendant mistook me for being Korean. I’m not sure why, but it happens quite often that people mistake me for being Korean. I feel like I look more like a China-girl than a Korean? Anyways, the food was good (too much!) and we arrived on time  safely 🙂

To get to our accommodation, we decided to take public transportation. Public transporation is very easy in Seoul: we bought a T-Money (₩ 5,000 deposit, ~€ 4) card, loaded it with about ₩ 20,000 (~€ 15), entered the station and found our train by following the English signs. Destination: Chungmuro. About an hour later and ₩ 8,000 (~€ 6) deducted from our T-Money card, we arrived at Mago Guesthouse (in Chungmuro). Upon arrival, the owner (Jess) jumped out the door as he was waiting quite some time at the door for us to arrive (we arrived a “bit” later at the guesthouse than expected) I found it very sweet that he was anticipating us! ^^ Jess and the other people who work there are so nice, helpful and very patient. Whenever we had a question or problem, Jess or Jenny would do everything in their power to help us. As their English is very good, we had no trouble communicating.

For our accommodation, we chose the “Korean Style” bedroom. This type of bedroom meant sleeping on a futon instead of bed. Now, you may wonder why we decided to do so.. Well, because during booking we had the crazy idea that it would be “fun” and we could do it “for the experience”. For me, there wasn’t really a problem; I’m used to sleep about anywhere. I would prefer a bed, but the futon wasn’t that bad. As for my boyfriend.. he imagined the floor to be a whole lot softer. He definitely longed for a bed after a couple of days. :’) Moral of the story? Don’t be stupid and just book the regular rooms xD

That evening we roamed around Chungmuro for a couple of hours to get a quick first impression. Chungmuro at night was beautiful and felt very safe. We walked around without anyone bothering us. After a failed dinner (we ended up in a restaurant where no one understood what we wanted and we ended up with plain noodle soup with no meat or veggies) and our first Korean café-experience, we decided to hit the bed futon. Beaten from the long trip, I slept like an angel and dreamt of the delicious food I was going to eat the next couple of weeks. Yum…! Seoul, here I am.

7 thoughts on “Seoul 2014 – Arrival, transportation and first impression

  1. Omg visiting Korea is son high on my list, you’ve got to share all your inside tips now 🙂 I actually thought most of the people could also speak English there (high school class?) and mmh Korean – people probably think that then because they’ve seen Jen Frmheadtotoe and yeah I can see a bit of her in you or the other way around.

    1. Yes, you definitely have to make korea high priority! It’s unlike any other vacation 😀 i loved strolling around and just feeling the culture everywhere 🙂 will definitely share some tips 😀 younger people are more likely to speak english, but there aren’t a whole lot tho’ you will need to use hands and feet to communicate with 25+ yr old people ^^” and i look a bit like Jen? What a compliment, i love her 😀 thank you :3 <3

  2. Eindelijk tijd om je blog is te stalken haha! 😀 Ik heb je pakketje trouwen ontvangen omg, dankjewel My Linh! Echt super super super lief van je! :3 En omg, poor boyfriend ><! Wel super leuk dat mensen die daar werkte zo super enthousiast waren zeg, en zeer jammer van je plain noodle soup :(. Hadden ze daar geen foto's van eten of zoiets dergelijks? Zo overleef ik meestal in Hong Kong hahah

    1. Haha graag gedaan! IK hoop echt dat je het leuk vind ^^ En ja, m’n bf is gewoon niet gewend aan “geen bed”. Ik, als member van een familie met gazillion nichtjes/neefjes/tantes/ooms, heb vaak genoeg op de grond moeten slapen. Vergeleken met dat, was een futon heaven 😛 Haha ja ze hadden wel foto’s. Wel 3. Van alleen de noodles met soep hahaha.. What an experience tho’ Heb ik iig iets leuks om te vertellen 😉

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