Seoul 2014 – Food Kit Haul


In one of my previous posts about Korea’s toy stores, I told you guys about the awesome food kits they sold. Well, I loved the kits so much (might’ve been the cute packaging too by the way…), that I actually got myself a couple of kits. Just so I could try them out at home (a.k.a. play with clay 😀 ) and ofcourse, to share the experience with you guys. (Yes, I’m aware of my age hehe…) Because I wanted to prevent photo-overload in the toy store-blog (which still ended up to be photo-overloaded hehe.. ^^”), I’m sharing the pictures of my little haul in this post today 😀  

Sushi kit. Includes: 5 colors clay, 2 sushi molds, 2 clay shaping tools

I coudn’t wait and already tried the sushi kit (shown in picture above) in Korea. You guys, it was so much fun! (I’m like a 10 year old sometimes…)  I added faces and stuff to the sushies and they look sooo adorable! (If I may say so myself.) It would be cool if I could put these on keychains and stuff like IcePandora does with her crafts. (I love her blog by the way, check it out ♥_♥) It took about 5 days for the clay to completely harden (it’s not the kind of clay you bake).

Pastry (Dounts :’) ) and sandwich kit. Includes: clay, 2 molds, 2 shaping tools

Ice cream (sandwich) kit. Includes: 5 colors clay, 3 molds, 2 shaping tools, cardboard ice cream parlor

Donut kit. Includes: 6 colors clay, 1 donut tutorial card, 2 shaping tools, cardboard donut box

Chocolates kit. Includes: 7 colors clay, 1 mold, 2 shaping tools, 1 set chocolate wrappers, 1 cardboard chocolate box

Besides these kits I got some extra boxes of plain white clay and an icing-set too 😛 The white clay can be colored using water based markers (which I also got). Okay, so I might’ve overdone it a teenie-tiny-bit, but it’s not like I get to go to Korea that often, right? 😉 Anyway, it’s definitely a good thing I don’t live in Korea, because I would probably become broke on toys (and food) after a while hehe… I will be making some more miniature clay food when I get the time and I can’t wait to share some video’s on these boxes with you guys. To be continued… 😉

12 thoughts on “Seoul 2014 – Food Kit Haul

    1. Nee, deze zijn niet eetbaar. Er waren wel eetbare, maar ik heb gewone kits met een soort klei gekocht ^^ Leek mij niet zo handig om die (grote) eetbare kits in NL te importeren 😛

  1. Dacht eerst dat het van die food-kits waren, maar het is dus klei haha XD. Ziet er wel heel erg leuk! En tja, in Nederland kan je het niet krijgen dus waarom zou je niet zoveel kits mogen kopen :b!

    1. Er waren wel “echte” foodkits maar ik was niet helemaal sure hoe en wat met over de grens nemen, dus heb ik het bij klei gehouden. Ze zijn echt zo leuk hehehe… Eigenlijk wil ik ze stiekem niet openen en forever bewaren 😛

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