Seoul 2014 – Foodporn: Bakeries part 1

Bakeries in Korea are so awesome. Seriously, it’s very different from Dutch bakeries: I love the “self-service” and the endless samples. Besides the usual bread, they also sell be-au-ti-ful cakes. And when I say beautiful, I mean drop-dead-gorgeous! I wish my cakes would look like that hehe…

Anyway, the most common bakeries you’ll find in Seoul are “Paris Baguette” and “Tous les Jours”. Both are bakery chains of which “Paris Baguette” is a Japanese company. I preferred Tous les Jours over Paris Baguette, because there were times I felt like Paris Baguette sold old food. However, Paris Baguette was easier to find (and bump into) than Tous les Jours; you could basically find it on every corner of the streets ^^” Nonetheless, both bakeries sell delicious goodies that will definitely jeopardize your no-carb diet 😉


Besides the chains, we also tried a small bakery called “Publique“. This small bakery is very cosy and sells pastries different from the usual things you find in the chains. Additionally, the employees were super friendly and made an actual conversation with us; they were genuinely interested. There even was a French employee who noticed our Dutch language and was intrigued how we got to know about the bakery. Although I wasn’t able to make finger-licking-delicious-photo’s (shame on me…) to convince you to visit this bakery, I would definitely recommend you to make some time to drop by. You won’t regret it. Trust me, their pistache éclair (or any of their éclairs actually) is to die for! If any, just skip the chains and head straight for Publique 😉 Find the address and directions below!


Publique Bakery

311-1 Sangsu-dong, Mapo-gu (마포구 상수동 311-1)
11 am – 10 pm
Closed on Sundays

Sangsu Station Line 6, Exit 1

8 thoughts on “Seoul 2014 – Foodporn: Bakeries part 1

  1. Voor mij gevoel hebben ze in Azië echt hele leuke bakkerijtjes en in Nederland moet je echt goed zoeken naar ééntje die lekker eten heeft en nog leuk eruit ziet :b. Aah ik heb zin al dhet brood 😮

    1. Ja klopt, de bakkerijen in NL zijn heel anders. Deze bakkerijen zijn een beetje “buffet stijl” ipv aan de kassa je brood bestellen. Love it. So gooooddd ^^

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