Seoul 2014 – Foodporn: Bakeries part 2

Hi guys! A new week with new opportunities~~ Start your week energized and weekend will slap you in the face before you know it 😉 I’ve been working at my new job for over a month now and I’m happy to say that I’m still loving it. There are many challenges, but I’m eager to learn and make it happen. There are so many things I have to focus on, I feel like I’m flying full speed towards weekend when I’m working. On top of that, Writing Temptations is going very well. Visitors are increasing and I’m still writing and developing with a happy heart :3 No stress, just fun. Mindset is key. Anyway, today I’ll be sharing another foodporn post. It will be yummy, yummy again, so go ahead and get a drool-tub (or munchies) ready.

So the first photo isn’t all that interesting, but I loved it so much, I just had to share it 😉 What we’ve got here ladies and gentleman, is coffee flavored milk! If you’re not much of a real coffee sipper, but do like the flavor of coffee in all sorts of food (like me), you’ll love this one. It’s a creamy light milk with a hint of coffee. This was so refreshing to drink in the morning. This milk also came in banana and strawberry flavor, but I felt like those were too ordinary to try (there were too many other “special” things I wanted to fill my tummy with) 😉

Then there was this mini burger box (sliders). Ooohh these burgers were better than I had expected. The buns were slightly sweet and smeared with a bit of creamy mayo. Additionally, the veggies were fresh and the burgers… you guys, the burgers, they were very juicy. Yum! Would prefer this over maccieD any.time. Besides, who doesn’t love mini-sized food? You guys know that I do!

Oh and this custard roll!! So good. I’m not even kidding. The outisde was flaky, the inside was buttery soft and the custard made the roll sweet and moist. Gosh, the custard was thick and very vanilla-y. Delicious. I must make a small confession though: I’m a roll-addict. There, I said it. Cinnamon rolls? Custard rolls? Coffee rolls? Heck, ANY rolls? Count me in! I wish my rolls were this good. I’d eat rolls for breakfast, lunch ánd dinner hehehe.. 😛

Additionally, we had this apple cinnamon pretzel too. Although I’m not much of a pretzel fan and I would’ve loves some bigger apple chunks, I still enjoyed this super soft pretzel. The pretzel was slightly crunchy on the outside and the soft inside was a bit chewy too. Chewy carbs are good ^___^ Oh and I just L-O-V-E apples+cinnamon with just about anything. Best combo ever.

Steering away from the Paris Baguette-zone, we also ran into this beautiful waffle-shop. The waffles were freshly made and filled with all sorts of flavors. The display looked amazing. I had this lemon waffle topped with yellow sprinkles! The waffle was the crispy kind and was filled with a creamy lemon buttercream. I would’ve preferred some lemon whipped cream, but sometimes you can’t have it all, right?

Finally, in the same area as the waffle-shop, my boyfriend had this giant cream puff filled with mocca whipped cream and topped with chocolate and chunks of walnut. Unfortunately, the choux pastry was slightly dry, but I’m guessing this was because we bought it at the end of the day. However, the mocca cream was really delicious. Although it was quite a task to eat this huge cream puff neatly, we (I nibbled some bits off too) still enjoyed every bit of it before we headed home. The end of another great food-day…♥

10 thoughts on “Seoul 2014 – Foodporn: Bakeries part 2

    1. Haha sorry 😛 food is so good tho’, I can’t help but post foodporn xD yes, the milk coffee is like regular milk with a hint of coffee; there’s no bitterness at all and it’s very light ^^

  1. ehrmygwad, mijn tummy haha. Alles ziet er dus zo lekker uit zeg! Had je eigenlijk nog die ene banana milk geprobeerd waar Lee Minho een CF model was? :b Ben best wel benieuwd naar die milk coffee! Serieus die mini hamburgers zien er best wel lekker uit *Q*. Ik wil nu weer terug naar Azië, zoveel lekker eten <3.

    1. Nee, helaas niet 🙁 Zoveel rond gelopen en ik heb er niet eens aan gedacht :O Die milk coffee is serieus lekker! Heel anders dan gewoon “koffie met veel melk”. En die hamburgers idd ook. Zo lekker juicy~~ Ik kwijl alweer nu ik erover schrijf hahaha.. Azie heeft echt zoveel lekker eten hè… I want to go back too <333

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