Seoul 2014 – Foodporn: Streetfood part 1

Today will be another foodporn overload. I’m just giving you a heads up, ye’ know. Just so you can make sure there’s some food in your stomach. Because Seoul doesn’t just have delicious pastries and breads, but it’s complimented by its amazing street food too! Yum, yum yum~~~ And who am I to deny you guys the pleasure of drooling over pictures of finger-licking good food. So sit back and don’t forget to hide the sugary and fatty snacks, cause you’re going to have the MONSTER munchies after this one hehe….

First, meet the spiciest meat skewer I’ve ever eaten. This meat skewer is like a bomb in your mouth! No joke.. Now let me tell you, my boyfriend loves spicy. And I mean spicy, spicy. Me on the other hand, I’m not that much of a fan. So I was hesitant to try, but he convinced me we could handle it. Well let me tell you, he was so wrong…. ^^; After the first bite, we already felt our tongue BURNING. Yes, WE. My boyfriend too, not just me. Hell, licking the skewer already had our tongue tingling xD Although we felt like we were going to lose our tongue, we kept eating and eating because the skewer was super delicious! The meat was juicy and succulent and the marinade was packed with flavor and it was slightly sweet (but spicy) too. 

After we finished the skewer we were desperate for water. We were surrounded by delicious food stalls, but we only had eyes for water! And that says a lot, trust me! And although our tongue was burning like crazy that day, we loved the skewers so much that we actually went back another day just for that stall. (Quickly skipping to the 32-cm ice cream stall afterwards though to cool our tongues.. Never eaten ice cream that fast hahaha…) So where do you find this burning deliciousness? At the Daisoo-intersection at Myeong Dong Shopping Area. It’s one of the first skewer stalls. Ask for the spicy kind, I dare you 😉 Don’t forget to bring water hehe… Or find the 32-cm ice cream store across the stall and order green tea/strawberry or chocolate/vanilla to get your tongue back to normal.


If you’re just not that into losing your tongue (which I can imagine), you could always try the skewer stall on the picture above. It’s not spicy at all, but still very delicious. The meat is juicy and the sauce is the sweet, barbecue-kind. Additionally, this meat skewer has some veggies in between and you’re free to slap on as many sauce as you like. And if you’re feel like the skewers aren’t enough, they sell the korean fish cakes in soup too! This stall is run by a couple, which I found so cute. While the man was working his ass off and sweating like crazy, his wife was dabbing his face with a towel and speaking encouraging words for her hard-working husband (with pats on the back too, so proud!). Adorable. To find this stall, walk straight on from the spicy skewer stall I mentioned above (away from the intersection). You’ll find this lovely couple on your right around the middle/almost end of the street.

So across from the meat skewer couple, you’ll find a stall with meat balls. Personally, I’m not much of a meat ball-fan. However, my boyfriend was dieing to try these out so we made our stomach a bit bigger and gobbled these down too. As a true meat eater, my boyfriend loved these. And although I prefer meat skewers over meat balls, I must admit that these were actually really good! (But boy, was I STUFFED ^^”)

Finally these Panko-coated shrimps. We love shrimps! Unfortunately, my boyfriend is sensitive to shrimps so he could only enjoy 2 pieces. The shrimps were very crispy and came with a variety of dipping sauces to choose from! We went for plain ol’ ketchup. Although the shrimps were really good, we were disappointed to find out that the shrimp weren’t homemade but commercially bought. Nonetheless, the flavor was great and it was panko coated (enough said) 😉 Find this stall at the end of the street, a couple of stall away from the meat skewer couple I mentioned above. 

As you can tell, you won’t suffer from hunger in Seoul. Myeong-Dong’s streets are packed with food stalls and the ambiance is amazing, especially around the evening/night. And if you’re full, visit one of the many shops to burn the calories 😉 (Your wallet will lose some weight too :P) There’s so much to see there. Myeong-Dong is one place you just can’t miss. Stay tuned for more foodporn in part 2 😀

6 thoughts on “Seoul 2014 – Foodporn: Streetfood part 1

  1. Only at you description my tongue is sweating 🙂 I can imagine the spiciness. last night my brother cooked with half a bottle of sambal, boy my mouth was burning (even some lip stinging). That’s is some mighty ice cream. Love how detailed you describe food!

    1. Hahaha yes, that skewer was definitely spicy alright :’) What was your brother cooking with HALF A BOTTLE of sambal?! My mouth would be burning too if I’d eat that :O The ice cream was definitely big. I was lucky enough to have a boyfriend tagging along to share it with :3 Thank you for your comment. I hope you do get to try all this food out when you decide to go to Seoul ^^

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