Seoul 2014 – N-Seoul Tower

Hellow fellow foodies! Have you been eating plenty this weekend? And getting some exercise afterwards too? 😉 I hope you’re all healthy and happy ^___________^ After plenty of foodporn and non-tourist activities, I thought it would be nice to share one of our tourist activities in Seoul today. An activity with beautiful scenery snapshots: The N-Seoul Tower, a tower which you can reach either by bus or by cable car. Although I’m afraid of heights, we still decided to go by cable car because that seemed more fun (mainly to my bf hehe…) And it actually was a whole lot of fun! The cable car wasn’t as scary as I thought and the view was beautiful ♥_♥

Seoul city from the N-Seoul Tower cable car.

One of the “Locks of Love” places at N-Seoul Tower. Of course, we had to add our own Lock of Love too 😉

8 639, 53 km away from home… :O

The “Weeny Beeny” candyshop in the observatory that sold strange candy flavors like “Chocolate Pretzel Bacon”, “Coconut Curry Cashews” and “Popcorn Jellybeans”. Yes, we tried them. ^^”

Seoul city from the observatory. What a beautiful view.. But a photo just can’t capture the impact of actually standing there. 

Tiles of Love. The Koreans sure do know how to make couples spend money. XD

Dinner in the observatory at HanSook Restaurant! It was quite expensive, but the experience was priceless ♥


We spent the whole day inside the actual tower and went back down in the evening to “play in the steam” and to view the observatory at night. Another great experience.. 


My Linh

5 thoughts on “Seoul 2014 – N-Seoul Tower

  1. Amazing view! The city looks bright and shiny from so high and no (noticeable)pollution, that’s the best! Cute nam for a shop and lovely pictures of you.

    1. Yes, the view was really amazing. Even better when you stand there in real life. Unreal, just can’t put it to words. And I agree, so nice that there’s little pollution. It’s so much worse in China. Besides, there’s so much nature there that you can’t help but feel surrounded by a sea of fresh air. ^^

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