Sometimes it’s so exciting, I get impatient

Hi lovelies! How’s everyone doing? Had an awesome-balls weekend? I’m curious what you guys did this weekend, because my weekend was oh so crazy! Gosh, I don’t even know where to start! So last monday we got the keys to our appartment. We’ve been working around the clock to get things done in the new appartment and to move all of our stuff (we seriously have too much crap..) out of the old place. I was starting my days at 6AM to get to my internship and stayed until 5 PM, after which I’d hurry to the appartment to get things done and hope I’d be in my bed around 11PM so I’d be moderately awake at my internship the next day. It was hectic, but fortunately the walls are pretty much done and the floor’s half finished. Time was flying! It’s already monday and I’m off to start another week of my internship again @[email protected] We hope to finish the floor by tomorrow, but with moving you never know what might happen XD Anyway, I can’t wait until it’s all finshed! Also, I hope to be able to do some videos or what not for the blog next week 🙂 For now everything still looks like a mess and we’re sleeping on a bed surrounded by a sea of boxes and bags. Take care dears!

My Linh

10 thoughts on “Sometimes it’s so exciting, I get impatient

    1. Haha ja, zonder de verhuizing val het meestal wel mee hoor. Gelukkig is dit ook maar tijdelijk ^^ ooeee jouw weekend is dus wel productief geweest! Hoeveel eindexamens moet je doen? Heel veel succes, meid!

  1. Nou dan weet je wat je nog te doen hebt. De vloerkleur (van het afgewerkte gedeelte) zien er wel erg mooi en rijk uit. En dat allemaal terwijl je ook nog je stage doet, knap.

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